Ivan Villafuerte ‘Passenger’ – Review

Ivan Villafuerte, Passenger

“Time goes faster the more hollow it is. Lives with no meaning go straight past you, like trains that don’t stop at your station.” Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Ivan Villafuerte‘s Passenger is an engaging visual experience complete with a calming quiet storm of ambient harmony. The featured track “At a Loss” by Brian McBride is a classical music fusion paired with cinematic footage of a man enjoying his quiet train ride in rumination. Villafuerte uses what may be traditional modes of transportation to symbolize an individual journey of awakening–engaged observations through a widow on the train of the environment outside. Engaging the silence, in wonder of all there is to see. The 5-minute short also involves the other trains that pass along the tracks–as people do. Those poignant moments in passing, and in observing the uninteresting.

McBride’s At A Loss is an endearing and wandering tone are superbly paired with the barely audible tone from the train. The music acts as a balancer, a tone that cradles slightly, just enough to take away the jarring movements of the train. The same experience can be applied to your own quiet commute by taking a moment, tuning in to your favorite music station–or not. Just sit in the peace of any quiet moment you can create. Quieting busy thoughts and appreciate the hollow moments. Taking an opportunity to focus on what makes like more meaningful. In other words, life is a series of experiences, destinations, and every one of them worthwhile.

Wherever the destinations may be, is entirely up to you.

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Ivan Villafuerte's Passenger is an engaging visual experience complete with a calming quiet storm of ambient harmony. Featured track "At A Loss" by Brian McBride

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