Jamie Woon’s ‘Lady Luck’ by Vincent Haycock – Review

What do Jamie Woon and Vincent Haycock have in common? Great taste in music. Jami Woon’s Lady Luck is a single from his Mirrorwriting album.  This isn’t the original video for the Lady Luck song, but an artist’s vision on the rhythmic and soulful sound that is Lady Luck.  The song itself is versatile–steady, most certainly intriguing and extremely catchy. Haycock simply played on these characteristics and created a visual distortion within the video, mimicking the groovy hip-hop, R & B pop-tunes and signifying the vocally-led music.

In the video, the beat guides us into the video slowly, there, Lady Luck walks along the sidewalk and the video renders a magnificent distortion which may cause you to think you are watching a glitched music video. It isn’t. You watch because of the music, the rhythm–and even then–as the sidewalk ‘glitches,’ our lady doesn’t miss a step. We then see Woon, following behind, in this un-official video by Haycock.

Please enjoy ‘Lady Luck’ by Vincent Haycock

Jamie Woon is a British singer/songwriter/producer signed to Polydor Records. His 2010 single Night Air garnered acclaim. His previous indie release Wayfaring Stranger, which is a song from Burl Ives, from the album of the same name. For more about Vincent Haycock, please visit his website. For more on the featured vocalist Jamie Woon, please visit his website.

Lady Luck
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'Lady Luck,' written and performed by Jamie Woon, video rendered by director, artist, and writer Vincent Haycock.

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