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LEAPFROG Scout and Friends Adventures in Shapeville ParkLeapFrog Scout and Friends Adventures in Shapeville Park  (recommended ages 2 – 5 years ) help construct your child’s math skills as the puppy Scout and his friends build a playground with shapes! In 2009, LeapFrog introduced the Scout line of toys which have generated amazing award winning products and engaging content designed to help children achieve their full potential by delivering the best-in-class educational curriculum and providing the quality and curriculum parents expect.

A new playground is being built at the park by the Beaver Brothers and soon the pets have their hands full helping with the construction. Scout, Violet, Penny, Eli and their new friend Dash learn how to measure out all the various shapes, sizes and dimensions needed to build the perfect parts of a perfect playground!

Dr. Jody Sherman LaVog Ph.D is the mathematics learning designer for LeapFrog. Early mathematical understanding is extremely important for later success. The latest research now suggest that children’s performance on math assessments when they start school is in fact the strongest predictor of later academic achievement. Even stronger than literacy and social skills.

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LeapFrog is the leader in educational entertainment. Your child will learn to play and learn along with Scout and his friends build a playground with shapes, helping to construct your child’s math skills. An innovative and extremely entertaining DVD that comes highly recommended.

LeapFrog’s Scout and Friends ‘Adventures in Shapeville Park’ special features include:

  • Meet Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos
  • Importance of Measurement and Geometry
  • Squares, Rectangles, Circles, Triangles
  • Relative Size Comparison
  • Measurement
  • Have fun with Shapes and Measurement!

Additional extras:

  • Sing-Along’s which feature songs with Scout and his friends. Kids can follow along with the captions at the bottom of the screen! 
  • Sing with Us! The Band
  • Curriculum commentary for parents
  • Being a Puppy (The Scout Song)
  • A Surprise for Scout 
  • Trailers

Image source and DVD synopsis and educational information courtesy of LeapFrog’s Adventures in Shapeville Park. All rights reserved.

LeapFrog Adventures in Shapeville Park
  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 5 stars
  • Spectacular

Review Summary:

Help construct your child's math skills as Scout and his Friends build a playground with shapes!

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