Now on DVD and Blu-Ray™ ‘Mad Monster Party’

Felix Flankin and Baron Boris von Frankenstein Scene Art

Groovy Ghouls!

What a wonderful way to celebrate Halloween’s upcoming arrival with Mad Monster Party, an animated comedic feature film courtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertaiment. Originally released in 1967, Lionsgate decided to re-release the old classic around the theatrical debut of Hotel TranslyvaniaThe release will be available for Blu-ray™ Combo Pack (Blu-ray + DVD) as well as HD Digital Download and On Demand.

Legendary horror movie actor Boris Karloff lends his voice to Baron Von Frankenstein, the leader of the Worldwide Organization of Monsters. Von Frankenstein wishes to retire from his position, but must find a way to inform the other members. What is his plan? To throw a party of course! Fellow famous monsters such as Dracula (Allen Swift), Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, the Mummy and the Invisible Man make appearances, plus Phyllis Diller (A Bug’s Life, Eight on the Lam, The Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show) as the mate of the Baron to see who will become the new leader of the monsters.

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Mad Monster Party utilizes stop-motion animation in the form of puppets. Rankin/Bass, the studio behind holiday classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, were the brains behind this classic feature creating a delightful on classic horror movie characters for everyone to enjoy. Mad Monster Party  fulfilled an additional comedic spotlight at a time when popular television series like The Munsters, which debuted on CBS in 1967 alongside The Addams Family.

Who among them is fit to be the new head of the monsters?

The Blu-Ray™ edition of Mad Monster Party is included with a regular DVD version with the following features:

  • Mad Monster Party: Making of a Cult Classic featurette
  • Groovy Ghouls: The Music of Mad Monster Party featurette
  • It’s Sheer Animagic! Secrets of Stop-Motion Animation featurette
  • Two bonus sing-along tracks for kids of all ages
  • Trailer

Source Lionsgate Home Entertainment

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