Martha Stewart’s ‘Martha and Friends’ Holiday Collection – Review

Martha and Friends, Martha with her friends

Crafty activities this holiday season with Martha & Friends!

Martha Stewart Martha and Friends: Holiday Collection is The Martha Stewart Show–but for kids! This adorable animated DVD contains three holiday episodes filled with neat craft ideas by Martha and her three best friends: Kevin, Lily, and Hannah. Martha is 10 years-old and has extensive knowledge on creating fabulous arts and crafts, and knows a lot about interior decorating and cooking. Simply put–a miniature, animated version of “the real” Martha Stewart. Join in as they navigate each holiday creative dilemma with their creative talents.

The disc contains three episodes, and features craft ideas and recipes for the three main holidays–Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The craft ideas are easy to replicate and make the holidays more fun. The episode “Martha’s Thanksgiving” has a tremendous amount of great ideas alone! Are you a dog lover? Then you will love the animated appearances of both Sharkey and Francesca–Martha’s two talking pups who like to discuss what Martha and her friends are up to along with having some fun on their own.

Each episode contains tips and mini segments that offer “how to” advice on how to create brilliant Halloween decorations for little or no money, using materials such as orange balloons and construction paper and possible gifts ideas made out of old felt sweaters. Wonderful game ideas to play during the busy Thanksgiving holiday and more ideas that continue on your home computer. “Martha’s Craft Corner” is an additional special features on the DVD where craft ideas and recipes can be printed from a computer. The printouts feature recipes and ideas featured in the  full-length episodes and shorts. There are also unique costume designs and centerpieces that require adult supervision and assistance but are guaranteed to spice up the rest of the year!

The animated presentations are impressive and colorful. The animated young Martha is so familiar of her real-life persona. There are nice lessons in each episode about the importance of family, cooperation with others, and never judging a book by its cover.

Martha & Friends: Holiday Collection, a priceless and crafty addition to any animated film collection. The video below is just a sample of the animated style of the disc.

Highly recommended.

Martha and Friends: Holiday Collection episodes: 

  • “Martha and the Pumpkin Storage”
  • “Thanksgiving Trivia”
  • “To Snow Days”
  • “Fab Felt Holiday”

Martha’s “Craft Corner” printouts

  • Download craft projects and recipes to your home computer.

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'Martha and Friends Holiday Collection
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Review Summary:

10 year-old Martha Stewart and her friends solve Holiday mishaps using their crafty skills.

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