Mischa Barton ‘CYBERSTALKER’ – Review


There is nowhere to hide when someone wants to love you to death.

With an absence from television Mischa Barton‘s making her rounds in the B-movie circuit. CYBERSTALKER may or may not be a triumphant return to any type of network presence–albeit a memorable one. Curtis Crawford‘s made for TV movie is indeed one of a kind when compared to typical stalker film genre–just, not in a suspenseful way–or at least not what seasoned horror fans of the genre expects. Let’s chalk this one up to a light-hearted terror teeming with unintentional horror-comedic moments primarily due to Barton’s seemingly artificial response to terror._CYBERSTALKER

Aiden (Barton) had a run in with an online stalker about 13-years ago. The stalker, after failing to get Aiden to reciprocate affections, broke into her childhood home and murdered her parents. Understandably, many years later, she is still trying to recover from her horrible loss. So she tries to shut herself off from the online world–refraining from using anything technological to prevent the stalker from digitally stalking her. It didn’t work. Whatever the intended outcome for suspense–the film lost its edge when it “forgot” that it was supposed to be a thriller. Throw in a Keanu Reeves clone (Marco Grazzini) to whet any romantic appetites and you have what resembles the 1997 American slasher I know What You Did Last Summer–just barely.

That and it seemed to struggle with determining who will be the film’s true culprit. But, as cliché is as cliché does *spoiler* the “stalker” is the person you least suspect. However, what’s even weirder–I enjoyed this movie. It turned out to be a pretty decent chuckle fest  as soon as the opening credits began to roll. What more can you expect from a made for TV movie?

A film that’s “so bad its good” you follow me? 

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Aiden's world was torn apart after an online stalker followed her into the real world--an unknown man watching Aiden's every move.

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