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Writer/director/executive producer Nate Golon (Briefcase, Workshop) is back with a brand new project. There are many movies and television shows featuring main characters who gain abilities through unfortunate events or actions, and My Synthesized Life is a web series about exactly that–Jimmy Bales (Brent Bailey) discovers that his voice becomes “synthesized” when he experience’s nervousness. In the video sneak peek below, Jimmy tries to explain his “newly acquired” difficulties with communication.

Synopsis Jimmy Bales (Bailey), a 25-year old average office worker, narrowly survives a near car crash, gets electrocuted, and blacks out. From that moment on, whenever he gets nervous, his voice naturally synthesizes. He life is thrown into turmoil, but through the help of his outgoing roommate Steve, and Steve’s younger sister Liz, Jimmy discovers the benefits of his “synthesized life.”

Also starring in Golon’s My Synthesized Life Jonathan Schwartz, Katie Gill, and Katie Seeley. Guest starring Barrett Foa, Natalie Dreyfuss, Stacey Oristano, Marissa Winokur, Marie Wilson, Sean Hemeon, and Nicolas Coster.

For more please visit My Synthesized Life on Facebook and Twitter.

Artwork and supplementary materials courtesy of © 2013 Nate Golon. All rights reserved.

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