New Images: Vintage ‘Frankenweenie’ Posters

"FRANKENWEENIE" (L-R) Mr. FRANKENSTEIN, VICTOR, SPARKY and Mrs. FRANKENSTEIN. ©2012 Disney Enterprises. All Rights Reserved.

Frankenweenie coming to a theater near you!

Tim Burton‘s Frankenweenie is in theaters TOMORROW, and in anticipation for the film, Tim Burton and Disney released six awesome vintage style movie posters of New Hollanders’ undead pets. The posters are in the Lon Chaney style 1920’s vintage horror movie posters complete with specialized font, weathering, and folding creases. The posters depict the mutated creature for each of the six animated characters in the film.  Toshiaki’s (James Hiroyuki Liao) poster features cleverly placed Japanese characters in the upper right hand corner. His turtle Shelley, and resembles famous giant turtle monster Gamera (1965). Some pets in the film were previously deceased before their resurrection–while others are the freakish mutations of live pets.

Mr. Whiskers, the beloved cat of Weird Girl (Catherine O’Hara), due to her experimentation with Victor’s findings had transformed him into a flying bloodsucking terror. Bob (Robert Capron) uses the electricity on his sea monkeys, turning them into strange amphibian warriors. Edgar (Atticus Shaffer) decided to bring a rat he found in the school trash can back to life, but what was once roadkill has become a fearsome Were-rat bully.

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Nassor’s (Martin Short) mummified hamster Colossus is a nod to his Egyptian heritage and his Boris Karloff inspired appearance (Karloff starred in the 1932 film The Mummy). Colossus was brought to life with a combination of Victor’s discovery and incantations.

It is always so creative of Burton to infuse culture and characteristics unique to his characters and also for the pet transformations. The film is an adorably dark adaptation of the original Frankenstein tale but, in a thrilling Halloween themed setting. A tribute to the other famous monsters from around the world. It will be fascinating to see the meticulously animated stop-motion characters on the big screen!

Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie in theaters October 5th!

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