Once Upon A Time in Brooklyn – Review

Sometimes the choices you make, make you.


Paul Borghese‘s Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn is nothing more than a great mobster comedy complete with Italian opera playing during some of the restaurant shoot outs. Armand Assante and Cathy Moriarty are the real stars of the film, and the sad thing is they’re the film’ supportive characters as the parents of Bobby Baldano (William DeMeo), a hot tempered and incompetent wise guy. Too many sub-plots, one too many irritating characters, one too many bad action scenes, and just too many horrible moments that it was as if I were watching a bad version of the Grand Theft Auto game, than a motion picture feature.


As far as the story goes, Bobby (DeMeo) is released from prison after serving five years for armed robbery. His father offers him a legitimate opportunity to work at his family’s construction company. However, his previous ‘street life’ connections want him to come back to a life of crime. For awhile, Bobby reunites with his old crime family friends and all too soon, situations arise that make it increasingly difficult for Bobby to continue with his ill-chosen path. Even though Bobby isn’t the most likable character, he is the most confusing to understand. Bobby demonstrated an inability for rationality–unable to do what his unintelligible mob bosses wanted him to do. Maybe that was their problem.

Overall, the few saves in this film, aside from the wonderful acting performances by Assante and Moriarty–American rapper and actor Ice-T held is own screen presence rather well.

Hit or miss, Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn is a less than memorable fairy tale.

Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn DVD Special Features include:

•   Director’s commentary

•   Interview with director Paul Borghese and actor William DeMeo

•   Deleted scenes

The “Once” single-disc presents in widescreen presentation, English 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio with optional English and Spanish subtitles. The interview with Borghese and DeMeo notes DeMeo as co-writer in addition, to both expressing their enthusiasm about making the film. They discuss their favorite scenes, working with the other actors on the set, and their varying experiences with filming.

Art and supplementary material courtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment. All rights reserved.

Once Upon A Time in Brooklyn
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Review Summary:

Bobby Baldano is out of prison. Craving a life of inescapable crime, he must decide whether to stay or abandon his crime family

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