‘Origins’ by Robert Showalter – Review

Origins is a short film, created as a final thesis project for Ringling College of Art and Design by Robert Showalter.  In this brilliant animation, a little robot is enjoying his walk in the woods when a train passes by that bares the same marking that is on the front of his torso. Curious, he decides to board the train to find out if it will take him to where he originated. However, once he gets there, he isn’t so sure if this was something he wants to find out.

If you expand the video, you’ll be drawn you attention to the fine graphical detail and textures:  the robots rusting pattern detail, with raised areas of where the paint meets the rust, it is as if you were to rub your finger across the body on the screen, you’d be sure to get some of the rust on your hands. Not only do you become intrigued with the immense blend of colors and patterns of the ground work/textures. Even the leaves’ bare stark compares to the real thing. Even the audio–environmental lighting and sounds–are keenly realistic. Even the paint on both eyes are descriptively weathered.

I also enjoyed the philosophical aspect of Showalter’s short film. Think of this; we all are curious about where we come from or, even more so, where do we fit in this world? I would not doubt that it has crossed your mind a time or two. It sure has crossed mine. It isn’t as simple as looking to your parents for your true origins, as it is more deep–who we all are and where do we all come from? See, the answer isn’t always so simple, isn’t it? What does it all matter anyway? It isn’t always easy to decipher where we come from, although many of us can decide easily where it is we belong, but what matters even more is: who will we become?

Enjoy Origins by Robert Showalter


Robert Showalter – Animation
Cody Cook – Music

Image credit: Robert Showalter
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'Origins' is a short animation about a small robot curious about where he came from.

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