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Out of the forest, out of harm’s way.

Out of the Forest (2010) Inspired by Victorian literature, the four person team of Tobias Gundorff Boesen, Frederik Villumsen, Katrine Killerich, and Christophe Peladan created a mesmerizing stop motion/live action short about a magician and the wondrous world within his top hat. The impressive scenery within the short was shot on location in the forests surrounding Viborg in Denmark. The use of a green screen gives off various atmospheres throughout the duration of the short. The National, a music group were kind enough to let the team use their track Slow Song. With such a combination, it’s no wonder Out of a Forest won ten awards and appeared at thirty four festivals in 2010 and 2011.

The short starts off in mystery as a well-dressed fellow appears on screen in the darkness. Transitioning to daylight in a beautiful forest land, setting the stage for future events similar to a horror film. Night comes, and an unknown beast stares at the moon while a group of rabbits gathers for a dinner under a tree, accompanied by fine wine, lanterns and a chandelier. It seems they are recalling old times–fitting for an evening where it will be their last night together.

A nice twist on a very old trick, the ending of Out of a Forest is a nice “ah ha” moment. Slow Song is nicely paired in a paradoxical way to the night turned wrong and provides a further air of mystery to the dark setting only lit by the glorious full moon ahead. The puppet characters are cozy and fun and serve as further paradoxes to the situation–even the so called “beast” is furry and not very intimidating. The tiny rabbit is perhaps the favorite of the short.

Out of a Forest is nearly six minutes long and is an animated gem for any fan of animation.

Source Tobias Gundorff Boesen

Out of A Forest
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Shot in the forests surrounding Viborg, Denmark. A little bunny evades danger by mysterious means.

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