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POWER RANGERS MEGAFORCE: THE MYSTERIOUS ROBO KNIGHT  is a collection of episodes from the latest installment of Power Rangers, Power Rangers Megaforce. Four episodes–“United We Stand“, “Harmony and Dizchord“, “Who’s Crying Now?”, and “Robo Knight“–are full of great fight choreography, intricate costume designs, and lots of gadget use. As with all Power Rangers series, the main story does not vary much aside from changes in cast members, enemies, and weaponry used. Hardcore fans who keep up with the Rangers adventures will appreciate this new addition–Megaforce.

Gosei, an ancient guardian of the Earth, summons a new band of teenage heroes when the Warstar Empire invades Earth to destroy it. The Megaforce Rangers must battle with Queen Beezara, Dizchord, mutants Blue fur, Bigs, and Hisser, and the leader of the Insectoids Creepox. When things seem hopeless, the Robo Knight comes to the rescue. The transforming robots Vulcan Cannon and Lion Zord lend a helping hand to ensure the victory of the Megaforce.

Megaforce overall appears to be a better series than the previous Rangers Samurai variant. The costumes are better the enemies look cooler, and while the cast has the same bland acting only with exchangeable faces, they are an overall better team. The concept of using cards to activate the Megazords and use different weapons is pretty neat. Robo Knight itself has a good arsenal of weaponry and sleek design to fit in with the rest of the Rangers.

Overall, MEGAFORCE is certainly geared towards fans of the original Power Rangers, there is something always worth checking out.

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The action-packed series continues as Troy, Noah, Emma, Gia and Jake POWER UP to defend Earth from evil insectoid monsters.

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