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Saban Brands‘ Power Rangers Samurai: A Team Divided emphasizes the importance of teamwork for the Rangers in their quest to battle new Nighlok monsters. In a series of four episodes, fans can see how the Rangers overcome jealousy, competition, and disobedience to build up their strength to attempt to banish Master Xandred forever. A Team Divided contains tons of action and use of the Zords, leaving no dull moments. For those looking to build their Power Rangers collectionA Team Divided is a must have.

Jayden, Kevin, Emily, Mia and Mike face their toughest challenges yet when the Power Rangers Samurai start turning against each other! Mind control, disobeyed orders and runaway Power Rangers shatter the team, giving Master Xandred and a new horde of nasty Nighlok Monsters the upper hand. But when Master Ji reveals that the Red Ranger possesses a secret power that is capable of banishing Master Xandred forever, it will take total teamwork to defeat the forces of the Netherworld in 4 epic adventures!

“I’ve Got a Spell on Blue”, “Forest for the Trees”, “Test of the Leader”, and “Jaden’s Challenge” are the four episodes on the DVD. Each episode deals with conflict in the group, whether directed at each other or Mentor Ji (Rene Naufahu) while the Nighlok attempt to use this conflict to separate the group. The episodes also feature the desire for Spike (Felix Ryan) and Bulk (Paul Schrier) to emulate the Samurai Rangers by doing so in a way that acts as the comical relief of the series. Fans of the Zords transformations will enjoy the great amount of scenes they are featured in and the special effects implemented in the scenes they are featured. It is worth mentioning that the costumes of the Nighlok are of high quality.



  • I’ve Got a Spell on Blue
  • Forest for the Trees
  • Test of the Leader 
  • Jayden’s Challenge

DVD Special Features:

  • Cast interviews
  • Power Rangers Dubstep
  • Character gallery

The DVD contains six special features, including cast interviews with all five Rangers, a fun dubstep video where the Rangers show off their dancing moves, a gallery containing images of the characters, high quality widescreen presentation, English 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio, and Spanish and French 2.0 Dolby Digital Audio. This is a must have DVD for all Power Rangers fans.

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Power Rangers Samurai A Team Divided
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Review Summary:

Power Rangers: A Team Divided: The Rangers face their toughest challenges yet when the Power Rangers Samurai start turning against each other!

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