Disney’s New Princess Sofia and A ‘Brave Toaster’ Makeover


Disney’s Princess Sofia

Princess Sofia is Disney’s brand new Princess! The date is set for Disney‘s youngest princess’ debut–Sunday, November 17th at 7PM EST as the Disney Channel’s latest animated movie Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess. The film will then again premiere on Disney Junior November 22nd at 9AM EST.

Princess Sofia and her mother were previously of common background in the land of Enchantia until her mother marries the King, thereby ascending to the role of princess. She must then navigate through her new responsibilities and learn the qualities a princess must possess–with a little help from Cinderella, who will cameo in the film.

Ariel Winter stars as the voice of Princess Sofia while other celebrities, Wayne Brady (Who’s Line is it Anyway?) and Tim Gunn (Project Runway) will appear in the film as characters Clover and Baileywick respectively. Sofia is the first princess intended for the preschoolers (ages 2 to 7) demographic.

In other news – The Brave Little Toaster appears to be set for a makeover! Waterman Studios has obtained the rights to the 1987 classic and plans to remake it as a computer generated, live-action feature film. The Brave Little Toaster surrounds the adventures of everyday household appliances looking to track down their “master”, or previous owner. The animated film is based on the novel The Brave Little Toaster a 1980s novel by Thomas Disch.

Since the original film debuted in 1987, the remake will be updated to include today’s technology. The original film still remain popular even now, continuously showing up on the top 100 list in the family category on Amazon.com. It seems that fans of the original “Brave Little Toaster” will  gladly embrace a remake.

Source Disney’s Movie List

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