Eldandil LORE KEEPER: Veryangóle


Background: The LORE KEEPERS are the educators of the Dark Elves of ELDANDILHARMONY. Every Dark Elf knows of their origins, language, and history. In addition, the Lore Keepers are essential to the Hunters while they explore the vast land of Eldandin. If there is an unknown area or item or riddle that need transcribing, the Lore Keeper can assist. In battle, the Lore Keepers are the channelers of the Widows. Enabling the WIDOWs enchantments travel distances. In addition, are responsible for the enchantment of jewelry, armor and weapons. The Hunters is capable of smaller enchantments, however, if it were not for the Lore Keeper, their capabilities would be limited.

 •  Age: 900+ •  Height: 6’2 •  Weight: N/A •  Sex: Male •  Misc.: Herald •  Eye Color: Amber •  Hair Color: Golden Brown, Fiery Amber •  Body Type: Ectomorph - Slim •  Ethnicity: Dark Elf •  Occupation: Lore Keeper •  Hobbies: Magic, Lore, Knowledge, Puzzles

•  Age: 900+
•  Height: 6’2
•  Weight: N/A
•  Sex: Male
•  Misc.: Herald
•  Eye Color: Amber
•  Hair Color: Golden Brown, Fiery Amber
•  Body Type: Ectomorph – Slim
•  Ethnicity: Dark Elf
•  Occupation: Lore Keeper
•  Hobbies: Magic, Lore, Knowledge, Puzzles

Veryangóle is a very kind and knowledgeable for his young age—both wise and patient. After the Gathering, he went straight into his studies of Harmony’s ancient history and lore. He knows a lot about things that are simple and too difficult to know. He has astute knowledge of all of Eldandin’s creatures and even more about the several that exists outside of Eldandin’s borders. He applies his knowledge with all things and due to this, has a tendency to withhold information until just the right time. He is often covert in his actions and with an extreme verse for logic, can almost predict the next occurring action of a companion.

As a master scholar, Veryangóle doesn’t like to wait around for someone to be in need of his skills. He often assesses the inhabitants of Harmony and does what he can to make their lives more enjoyable or easier either by inventing new things to facilitate a grower’s harvest–or a trinket imbued with a special incantation to give additional courage or enhance insight to an fellow Dark Elf. He is always improving on his inventions–either by enhancing its practicality–or enchanting a trinket to make it more powerful.

Veryangóle paired with young Dûrion mostly because he refused to be paired with his original birth joining partners. He calculates that there is something logical and very purposeful about Dûrion—more than anything else he is curious about his undiscovered anima. He is aware of it—he senses it, and oftentimes is subliminal in motivating Dûrion to do things he would otherwise reject to maintain the “status quo.” Hence, he has a tendency towards being unsympathetic and often fails to evaluate the emotional consequences of his statements and actions. He often trades “knowledge” as currency to be able to do things he could have never done alone.

He is very analytical, detail oriented and ambitious. He is always available to lend a helping hand or words of encouragement. He never desires to profit from what he knows.

Archetypal Information:

Veryangóle assigns himself to assist Dûrion mostly out of his own curiosity—and part because Dûrion is a loner-he leaves him time to also focus on other things. However, Veryangóle makes himself available to Dûrion during the time he is rejected by others, or to give him an inspirational to do what he can. He believes in Dûrion. So he pushes him from time to time or motivate him to take on assignments that Veryangóle knows will serve as a teaching point for Dûrion. In addition to get Dûrion to obtain a rarity from time to time to facilitate his research. In the end, Durion gains from his journey.

PMAI® Information:

Veryangóle would score highest in the SAGE archetype mostly because he is wise for his age and his isn’t necessarily “attached” to Dûrion. He likes to observe him at a distance. He knows that there is something about Dûrion he can learn from. Whenever he questions Dûrion’s abilities he sends him on an errand. Veryangóle trades experience for knowledge. What’s more, he is there to answer any questions or riddles Dûrion may have. Veryangóle would score lowest in CAREGIVER mostly because he isn’t biologically attached to Dûrion. He doesn’t have to nurture him or show him compassion. It isn’t who he is. However, by scoring lowest in CAREGIVER affords him the objectivity he needs to further his experiments or analysis.

Of course he wouldn’t be too attached to someone he sends out to risk their life just so he get the materials he needed. It just isn’t logical.

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