Reverie: A Short Film by Jaro Minne – Review

A series of pleasant thoughts that distract one’s attention from the present

Reverie is a short film by Jaro Minne and features a young girl, waiting in a car occupied with her own, silent thoughts. What is brilliantly unique about this film was not completely about the two characters–but about the cinematographic style of Minne. Each precise frame–narrows in on the characters facial expressions. A film, not hampered down by useless dialog–but the ambient environmental noise; car radio, the sound of the wheels on the shopping cart as it travels along the pavement–the wind and birds tweeting in the distance. This film is visually captivating–capturing on film–the photographically innocent smiles of the young boy and girl.

Now I imagine that this film may be based upon the poem Once Upon a Daydream by Maria Malone. The first stanza of the piece was set below the short-film on Vimeo, here I will post the first and last stanza–which I believe, are the two best stanza’s in the four stanza piece:

“Once upon a daydream
she dreamt so long ago
a boy was made to dream upon
ensconced upon her soul…”

and the last stanza…

“Then came the day she knew so
when he took her for his bride
the boy she dreamt of long ago
was now strolling by her side.”

Rêverie – is a short film can easily lead one to believe that just as in a dream, there isn’t always a clearly discernible moment to decide what’s real or imagined. Because, things aren’t always what you expect.


Jake Hallemeersch
Maties – Tuntuna Germonprez
Isabelle VanHooren
Marc Minne


Trui Jonniaux
Vicky Aerts
Stefan Germonperez
Clara Cooreman
Aron & Jana Minne
Bie Boeykens
Colruyt Bredene
Dany Deprez
Eric De Vos

Cinematographic post-production director

Jaro Minne

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Reverie is a short film by Jaro Minne about a daydream a series of pleasant thoughts that distract one's attention from the present

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