DVD Review: Power Rangers Super Samurai SECRET of the RED RANGER vol. 4

Bullzooka battle. Enough said.


After all these years, THE POWER RANGERS are still going strong. Like all Power Ranger DVD releases, we are introduced to a new nemesis set to destroy the Rangers and all that they stand for. Serrator is the next monstrous villain with a desire to destroy the world and challenge the Rangers if they try and stop him. Of course, the Super Samurai team ain’t having that.

If Serrator isn’t threat enough, Master Xandred hails from outer space and returns to Earth to challenge the team to a brilliant battle. The Rangers, not able to defeat Xandred alone, have to summon the help of their Shogun ancestors to battle Pestilox, giant Spitfangs and twin Papyrux in order to confront Serrator. However grim this may sound–the Red Ranger has a secret that will ultimately be revealed to save the team and change them forever.


The disc contains 4-action packed episodes and are extremely fun to watch. There are marvelous fight choreographers–even the costumes the Rangers and nemesis wear are spectacular to look at. The Zords always look amazing.

The Power Rangers Super Samurai Secret of the Red Ranger includes four action packed episodes:

•   “The Master Returns

•   “A Crack in the World

•   “Stroke of Fate,” and

•   “Fight Fire with Fire

Special features include:

•   “Everyday Fun” Music Video, and

•   “MEGA Album Playlist.”

In addition to English 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio. Spanish and French 2.0 Dolby Digital Audio.

The entire collection of the Power Rangers adventures should combine into one complete volume set instead of the multiple single disc releases. Cheaper too.

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Power Rangers Super Samurai SECRET of the RED RANGER
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Review Summary:

The Power Rangers are in for the fight of their lives when Master Xandred returns to Earth to face the team in an epic Bullzooka battle.

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