Salesman Pete and the Amazing Stone – Review

Salesman Pete and The Amazing Stone From Outer Space

Meet Pete. Pickle City’s unlikely hero.

Salesman Pete and the Amazing Stone From Outer Space (2010),  the near 7-minute brainchild French animators Marc Bouyer, Max Loubaresse, and Anthony Vivien, former students of the prominent computer animation school Supinfocom. The trio left the university to have total control over the production of the short,  and the massive talent applied to the project is well–massive.

Pete is a clumsy salesman who’s physical appearance makes him an unlikely candidate for being a secret agent. But thanks to a microprocessor implanted in his brain by a secret organization of government scientists, Pete has at his disposal super strength, super speed, and culinary talents. With his sirloin steak accomplice, Larry, Salesman Pete’s duty is the protector of his hometown Pickle City. His recent assignment is to stop a group of bad guys with the aim of using a magic stone to transform anything into seafood. So what does our super-hero do? He immediately springs into action!

The quirkiness of the plot isn’t the only terrific character quality of Salesman Pete; the 3D animation is astounding and fast paced, containing free falling action scenes and chases through the different sections of Pickle City. Characters are slightly exaggerated according to certain molds (muscular guy, nerd, etc.) and the environments are colorful and can be compared to a comic book. Cyrille Marchesseau, the music composer, formulated each score to stream with the emotion in its selected scene. This animated short has a “big budget” appeal right down to the upbeat superhero soundtrack and beefy sidekick!

Salesman Pete doesn’t end in the exact fashion as a standard comic book; however, the citizens end off well. While Pete isn’t Superman, he’s pretty awesome in his own manner of hero, and I look forward to more of his amazing adventures!

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Salesman Pete and the Amazing Stone From Outer Space
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Pete is a nice and clumsy salesman. But he's also a deadly super secret agent with a microprocessor implanted into his brain by some mad scientists from the government ! He has to secretly stop a bunch of badguys who stole a magic stone that can change anything into seafood!

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