An Interview With Seth Grahame Smith

Seth Grahame Smith

“I dreamed of working in the movies.”

Seth Grahame Smith (June 20, 2012) – ArcLight Cinema sat down with author/screenwriter/producer Seth Grahame-Smith in an engaging interview surrounding the beginning of his career, and where he stands currently. Smith was motivated to work in the film industry after growing up on 80’s films;  in particular, those directed by Steven Spielberg, and Stephen King served as his author idol. Deciding to migrate to Hollywood to make a name for himself, he began to write in order to scrape up a living. Finding himself unsatisfied with his path in the entertainment industry at the time, he broke free of his previous obligations, used what few contacts remaining in his book, and began to publish for Quirk Publications.

His first few projects were interesting coffee table fare, guiding readers through entertaining how to information pertaining to surviving horror films (How to Survive a Horror Movie: All the Skills to Dodge the Kills) and living the Spider-Man life (The Spider-Man Handbook: The Ultimate Training Manual). In 2009, Smith obtained his first big break in the form of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, a combination between the original Jane Austen novel and contemporary zombie literature. The book proved to be amazingly successful, having an appearance at number three on the New York Times best seller list while numerous other sources praised the novel for its unique interpretation of the original.

Due to the success of the first mashup, Smith was compelled to write another–starring Abraham Lincoln battling the undead, entitled Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Lincoln’s secret diaries were the basis of the project to map out a fictional secret campaign against vampirism in the mid-1800s. This latest work of fiction also debuted on the New York Times best seller list at number four in early 2010, and would later become a feature length film starring Benjamin Walker as the 16th President of the United States.

Author and screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith sat down with ArcLight’s Jonathan Josell to talk about his career to date. Seth discusses his start as a development executive and writer of coffee-table books for Quirk Publishing, prior to writing the New York Times best seller Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. His upcoming feature film, which he wrote, is based on his novel Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Source: ArcLight Cinema

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