SPIDER (2006) – Review

It’s all fun and games, until someone loses an eye.”


SPIDERJust the other day I came across the most fascinating  9 minute thrill ride while reading the movie review for  The Square directed by the star of this featured short Spider, Nash EdgertonSpider, an indie film out of Australia by Blue-Tongue Films, features two people involved in quarreling, not to sure over what, but Jill (Mirra Foulkes) seems pretty pissed at Jack.  Whats a guy to do after he set off his girlfriend and try to make everything right again. They drive into a gas station and while Jill is filling up the car, Jack goes inside to buy a few highly priced gas station fodder, to smooth things over.

I can remember fighting with my little brother about what I cannot remember, but eventually it always wind up with him saying sorry then almost immediately after make me regret it for making him say ‘I am sorry’.  You know, there is always someone out there–or maybe even someone you know who is just that sort of prankster who you will eventually forgive then later on, be back at you with something else a bit more humiliating.

Spider’s story plot is based on this idea and effectively, turns on you the instant you begin to think all is going well…

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Spider - It's all fun and games...until someone loses an eye.

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