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Uwe Boll‘s SUDDENLY (2013)  is a remake of the 1954 noir starring the Frank Sinatra. However, don’t get too excited. This is a terrible remake.

Ray Liotta stars as Deputy Tod Shaw, an alcoholic war veteran who has more than his share of daily problems. While attempting to keep order in the town of Suddenly, he discovers that a group of assassins plot to kill the President of the United States. In an attempt to regain the respect of his fellow citizens, as well as save his loved ones, Shaw must battle the mysterious organization before they succeed in their attempts.SUDDENLY 2013

Immediately in the opening scene it is immediately asserted that every “player” in Suddenly is both incompetent and imprudent. This point is only strengthened when the other characters arrive to interact with Shaw. Every bit of dialogue is ear-grating and unnatural, and the characters are simply living cardboard cutouts being paid to recite sentences to one another. Attempts to make Shaw seem like a sympathetic character who’s had better days is unsuccessful, as he has the personality traits of an aggressive ruffian who’s favorite activity is fighting with a local business owner, who’s just as annoying and tantrum prone. As with nearly every other film in this genre, Shaw has a love interest to “deepen” his background story, and like the other people who appear in this film, she and her family add no interest to the already dull ebb and flow.

The villains in the film naturally are supposed to be despicable people, but a special shout-out should be given to the member of Barren’s (Dominic Purcell) team who feels it’s necessary to regurgitate inspirational quotes to 11-year-old Pidge (Cole Coker). How was this considered a necessary addition to the script? Their ulterior motives have already established them as untrustworthy individuals and their B-movie style performances aren’t earning them any brownie points.

At the end of the day, Suddenly is what you’d expect from a movie bearing Uwe Boll’s name: a mess of misplacd characters, bad writing, and an underwhelming soundtrack.

Suddenly is a Blu-ray Disc DVD and will display beautifully on any television set or computer monitor. Clear and crisp, viewers will be able to see every detail on screen complimented with excellent audio, allowing every word to be spoken clearly without the use of subtitles.

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Tod is an alcoholic, small-town cop in the town of SUDDENLY. The President is coming to town and three assassins are on the hunt. It's up to Tod to save him

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