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Everybody loves Golems.

Supernatural(8:13) Secret societies are the latest story arc to be included in the Supernatural universe, and it is a very entertaining one. The series’ previous lore was very deep and led to all sorts of twists and turns and exciting possibilities; the Men of Letters were holders of vast knowledge. What could potentially unfold as this new arc progresses could be earth shattering, but hopefully will tie somehow into the main story for season eight—Kevin (Osiric Chau), Crowley (Mark Sheppard), and the demon tablet.

“Everybody Hates Hitler” followed up on the Men of Letters introduction in the previous episode and further generated interest in it by revealing two more secret societies, albeit with totally different agendas–a Nazi faction and a Jewish faction (The Thule Society and the Judah Initiative respectively). The Thule Society were necromancers and engaged in a secret war with the Judah Initiative, and the grandfather of the latest ally to the Winchesters—Aaron (Adam Rose)–was a member of the Initiative. He gained possession of a book containing information of all the Thule Members and those who were experimented on at a camp in Belarus during World War II but was killed by one of the Thule members.

Luckily, the rabbi left his grandson Aaron his golem (John DeSantis) ; a being in Jewish folklore fashioned from clay. Both Aaron and the golem make for great characters and hopefully as this new arc continues they will have more appearances. The episode was a nice mix of mysticism and humor and handled the new characters involved well without being too light or too serious. Now in the possession of the rabbi’s book and a new hideout, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are perhaps on a new threshold; will they find out more of their family’s hidden history and their destiny? Hopefully they will uncover more information about the Men of Letters, their grandfather, both of the new secret societies and encounter more Thule Society and Judah Initiative members. This is too good of a plot development to let it fall apart or not tie into the greater one of the eight seasons. Maybe the ninth season will have more about secret societies.

That’d be awesome.

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Supernatural, Everybody Hates Hitler
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SAM AND DEAN FACE OFF AGAINST A GOLEM — Sam and Dean investigate the death of Rabbi Bass (guest star Hal Linden, “Barney Miller”), who spontaneously combusted. The case becomes ever more confusing when they learn that the Rabbi was researching Nazi Necromancers. Sam and Dean are attacked by a Golem (guest star John DeSantis) who turns out to belong to the Rabbi’s grandson, Aaron. The key to the case lies with the Golem but Aaron doesn't know how to control him, which leaves everyone in danger. Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Bed Edlund.

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