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Melissa Gilbert THE CHRISTMAS PAGENT, HALLMARKThe Christmas Pageant (2011) is another charming movie courtesy of the Hallmark Channel. Melissa Gilbert stars as Vera Parks, a big-shot Broadway director who is fired for the third time from a job. A new position is offered in a small town in upstate, New York directing the local Nativity pageant. Her experience is welcomed, but her updated ideas–not so much. Vera and the community learn how to adapt to each other through bonding over the spirit of the season.

After being fired from another directing job, Vera Parks find difficulty looking for another job in her hometown due to her overly authoritative personality. However, a chance to redeem her reputation appears in the form of a Nativity pageant in Ashton Falls, a very small town in upstate New York. The town isn’t at all what she’s used to being a person from the big city–people are extremely friendly life is simple, and the theater where the pageant is to be held is exceptionally small. She then find out her ex-fiance Jack (Robert Mailhouse) lives in the town and suggested that she accepts the position. In time, she grows to have a new appreciation for her work due to the warmth she feels surrounding her.

The story for The Christmas Pageant isn’t an original tale. However, it is a warm holiday film that encourages people to set aside their differences, learn humility, and work together as a community. The characters in the small town are pleasant, particularly Jack’s daughter Kristen (Lennon Wynn) and host Garrett (Edward Herrmann), and the environment and physical set up of Ashton Falls can be likened to the perfect town on a Christmas card illustration. The acting is standard for these sorts of films, a little campy but with good characters and interactions, but still very enjoyable with a wonderful holiday message of unity for the season.


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The Christmas Pageant
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When a temperamental Broadway director is fired from yet another job, she is forced to direct a community Christmas pageant.

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