THE MAKER (2011) – Review

THE MAKER, Christopher Kezelos

 Poetic melancholy.

Kezelos’ The Maker (2010) is another brilliant feature project by husband and wife team Christopher and Christine Kezelos, who first screened the stop-motion animated short ZERO to over 50 international film festivals, and winning 15 awards. The Maker is set in a mystical fantasy world where a strange creature must race against time to make the most important creation of its life. The short is reminiscent to that of the enjoyment of life and creating one’s lifework and purposeful intentions.

The Maker project encompasses the same production crew from the successful short  ZERO, in addition to other talented creators, from the United States and the UK. The brilliance of this is that the Kezelos reached across an international medium, bringing multiple talents to work on the Maker project. The music featured in the short inspired its creation. Composer Dr. Paul Halley, one of Australia’s most innovative composers of classical music, amorous soundtrack, Winter is what you hear throughout this amazing stop-motion animation.

The Maker inspires creativity and the desire to make something great whether it is film, music, art or life–against time. In the “theory of human motivation” or in Maslow‘s hierarchy of needs, there is a natural desire or motivation in each human being to leave some sort of legacy behind. It is a natural in human motivation to have these particular “needs” met, and there are stages of growth to accomplish these needs–physical, psychological, safety, emotional needs are necessary to be met prior to human self-actualization–the top of the motivation pyramid. In self-actualization, the individual realizes, through successful accomplishments or “mastering” of the prior needs mentioned, that he or she is able to complete their life’s work. Therein the individual realizes and achieves their full potential and have the ability to transfer this knowledge and be an inspiration to others.

This bears certain significance in legacy, what we leave behind for others as inspiration. So be inspired. Keep creating, keep writing. Make music and art a focus and in its transcendence, be motivation for others to keep doing the same as a benefit to society as a whole. Be the creator, “a maker” of dreams and pass on this gift for creation to others.

Be inspired. Create. 

Images, video and synopsis source Christopher Kezelos ‘The Maker’ website. All rights reserved.

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A strange creature races against time to make the most important and beautiful creation of his life.

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