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Super “Special” Cop Craven.

The Shadow of Death (2012) – Its that time of year where we all will be subject to the deluge of newly released, revamped or remakes horror films the closer the Halloween season approaches. The Shadow of Death is an indie comedy “slasher” horror film from writer/director Gav Chuckie Steel set in the English countryside, where a group of friends met up with a stoner friend of theirs to buy marijuana from some Rastafarian acquaintance in the woods. However, they did not expect a killer that will make a routine score–deadly.

The film was shot using a camcorder over spare weekends with friends for little or no money which is an amazing feat for a first time movie maker, and I can see where in the film that the director met few challenges–the camera angles are a bit shoddy. Take into consideration of what Steel actually had to work with, you could really appreciate what you see, and the potential for the shot. One scene was a bit exaggerated (the campfire scene) where the friends are sharing stories; not an unnecessary scene–just a little too long. Just like many budget horror films, Shadow has many strong points, and most of it was due to writing and performances.

 Shadow is a creative “slasher” horror.

Dan, Nancy, Jamie and Debra look on

You can really tell that Steel has an eye for a shot and a talent for special effects. The slasher scenes were reminiscent of the Friday the 13th films where the killer approached his victims silently and efficiently. The scenes were just brutal and gory enough to cause me to wince a few times. A couple of scenes were too damn horrible to watch–and were awesomely intense scenes. The performances overall were extremely impressive for a group of individuals without prior acting experience. The “Super Special Cop” Craven (Dan Bone) is a brilliantly awkward anti-hero character who’s in a class all his own. The acting just felt really real and not just glamoured up horror victims. It was really hard to discern just how the plot was going to play out–many of the events took me totally off guard and the ending was definitely unpredictable and really fun and engaging.

Overall, an extremely well done film. It is truly amazing what was accomplished on a minimal film budget and with little time to film. Steel successfully pulled off with a gritty Grindhouse effect. You could really tell the entire team has a passion for the genre.

The Shadow of Death (2012) was received and reviewed courtesy of Gav Chuckie Steel and DeadBolt Films. The film debuted at the Brit Flick Film Festival May 2012 and was well received by audiences. For more please visit Facebook and Twitter.

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The Shadow of Death
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Set in an English woodland countryside, Debra and her best friends Jamie and Nancy pick up Dan, Nancey's ex, to go out to the woods to buy weed. Unknown to them a killer who resembles death is cleansing the countryside. With a wannabe policeman and an assortment of the public out for some fresh air, the woods are no place to visit today.

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