The Walking Dead ‘JUDGE JURY EXECUTIONER’ – Review

Chandler Riggs, Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead - Photo by Gene Page - AMC

The Walking Dead: Season 2, episode 11, ‘JUDGE, JURY, AND EXECUTIONER‘ is an AMC,  critically acclaimed original series based on the popular comic book series written by Robert KirkmanThe Walking Dead series from AMC created by three-time Oscar nominee® Frank Darabont and stars Andrew LincolnJon BernthalSara Wayne CalliesLaurie HoldenDale HorvathSteven YeunIronE SingletonNorman Reedus, and Melissa Suzanne McBride. The series is about a police officer named Rick Grimes (Lincoln) who leads a group of survivors in a world overrun by zombies. In this episode, Dale confronts Shane about Randall’s fate; and a whole lotta other shit!

Okay. I am not going to bitch too much about tonight’s episode because after 18 Miles Out I thought that nothing could stop Shane for meeting an early departure from the show, however, producers decided to give us one more mind boggling twist to ponder–and what a game changer that was. Warning – Spoilers below.

If at first you don’t succeed…who gives a damn?

Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) in Episode 11 'The Walking Dead' Judge, Jury, and Executioner - AMC - Photo by Gene Page

Dale (Jeffrey Demunn) spent the majority of the episode trying to convince each of the survivors to consider not shooting Randall. But I knew something was up because this episode spent a considerable amount of time focusing on Dale’s inability to reason with anyone.

The whole damn episode was nothing but back and forth bickering about what to do with Randall–Daryl torturing him in the beginning of the episode wondering who and where the rest of his group was; how armed they were; and if they knew anything about the farm. When it was all said and done, Randall admitted that he was part of a 30+ entourage who are armed to the tee. Killing him would have been the best and only option. Want to guess what bullshit got in the way. You guessed it:  Dale’s.

The group discussed the hazards of keeping someone like Randall on the farm–he will have to be fed, kept hydrated, kept clean, and quiet. It’s getting cold on the farm, the last thing they need is another mouth to feed. “But what about our humanity?” Dale would consistently preach and for a moment there, it might have worked. This was the most annoying aspect of tonight’s show. Everyone crowing around, trying to decide the faith of an interloper. When the obvious was clear. He needed to die before he wound up getting away, and warning the rest of his friends. Sounds reasonable, right?

Carl. The other white meat. 

Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) in Episode 11 'Judge Jury Executioner' - The Walking Dead - Photo by Gene Page - AMC

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Children have no place in a zombie apocalypse. Well in this show anyway, just too damn distracting. Carl (Chandler Riggs) is always going around, minding everyone else business, wandering into potentially Walker filled woods without a care in the world. It seems that no one is ever watching where this kid has run off to! Well tonight, not only did he steal a gun off of Daryl motorcycle, he found a stuck-in-the-mud Walker in the woods and teased it so much it got loose and grabbed him! Unfortunately he got away–I was hoping that he had got eaten. Cruel, I know.

Now we got a loose kid and a loose Walker and no one’s paying attention because they are too busy discussing what to do with Randall. What a waste of time. On top of that, Hershel who was once this hard-ass ‘my way, or the highway,’ pretty much rolled over in this episode and leaving all his thoughts with Rick. Even giving Glenn an old watch, telling him that he is alright with him being with his daughter and poor Dale, when he tried to get Hershel to at least talk some sense into Rick about letting Randall live, he did not want to have anything to do with it. Finally, he is beginning to see things for what they are–crazy.

Did not see this one coming…Damn.

Jeffrey DeMunn as 'Dale' The Walking Dead Ep. 11 - Photo by Gene Page-AMC

After everything is said and done, I did not see this death coming. Sure Dale was one pain in the ass, but no one predicted that he would die and so soon! Now if you are a fan of The Walking Dead books and comics, you know that Dale is one of the primary characters in the series. The only moral rock and consistent voice of reason throughout. No one predicted that this was going to happen. He put up a decent fight. But zombies do not fight fair. While Dale held it off from biting him, he just ripped at his stomach and disemboweled poor Dale. This was all because of Carl wandering off and stirring up that Walker in the mud.

I have to say that I am shocked…not sure if I am truly disappointed that Dale is no longer with us series wise, however, I do commend the series for taking a more unpredictable path to the show. Even though Dale was an annoying voice of reason for the group, he served as the last ‘civility’ in a world without a judicial system. Sad to see Dale go and yet, glad to see him go.

It may have been for the greater good.

Question: Were you disappointed about tonight’s episode? Were you as shocked as I was to see Dale die in this episode? Leave your answers in the comment section below.

Check out a scene from next week’s The Walking Dead “Better Angles” from AMC.

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Review Summary:

In this episode, Dale confronts Shane about Randall's fate; and a whole lotta other shit!

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8 thoughts on “The Walking Dead ‘JUDGE JURY EXECUTIONER’ – Review

  1. Hey there AIDY,

    I think this episode was essential. There was a lot of Dale BS in this episode, I give you that, but it was needed to show that the group is beginning to understand that shit ain’t butterfly and rainbows anymore. Dale was the only one trying to hold on to the old world while every one has kind of moved on from it. The fact that everyone was somewhat against Dale (except for Angela… what was up with that, by the way) showed that he had to go.

    I am expecting a character to bite the dust soon, just didn’t think it would be Dale. There’s a lot of implications that shit is going to go down in the last 2 episodes of the season and even for fans of the comic and books, the series has really turned unpredictable by not following the story line in the comics. It’s going to be one interesting ride!

    By the way… great job, AIDY!
    Metallman recently posted..Level Up Your Marathon Levels with Spartan RaceMy Profile

  2. to answer your question, I wasn’t disappointed with the episode. A little shocked, yes. Great write up. For a minute there, I thought that Carl was going to die when he found that zombie.

    It was good to see T-Dog finally…although underused again like normal.

    I just want them off the farm already and moving on. Glad for these insightful views into some of the characters, but the show needs to develop further.
    The Focused Filmographer recently posted..It’s “Time to Vote Tuesday!” 89My Profile

  3. Get off the damned farm already!

    I feel like they’re working towards it, but I think they’re going to end up dragging it out longer than they should. The farm just killed the season. They ignore the cast most of the time and when they do chose to give someone, like Dale, screen time, he’s just very underused and in his case he just wines about Shane.

    I’m still torn about the episode. Dale dying didn’t really bug me, though I was really hoping Carl would die. I wouldn’t mind him so much if they actually developed his character instead of giving him these half-assed scenes out of nowhere. I mean I figured that zombie coming back after it didn’t kill him (and he failed to kill it). Part of me wished that the walker would figure out how to pick up the gun he dropped.

    Anyways, I think they had the right idea with this episode (though it came to late), but I think they didn’t make it original. It seemed filled with a fair amount of cliches as far as the complaints went with arguing about Randall. Some of the writing seems a bit sloppy since the break. A lot of undeveloped conflicts that are just thrown in.
    Nic recently posted..The Coast Is ToastMy Profile

  4. Hello Nic!

    I am with you on Carl. I wanted that zombie to nom his behind awful! Instead, we got Dale being viciously disemboweled. That was messed up right there. I see your point in the direction of this episode, indeed it was twist–they are just setting it all up for ‘The Governor’ to make his appearance. The series will be so sweet after that!
    AIDY recently posted..Touch of Power (Avry of Kazan) – ReviewMy Profile

  5. Hi,
    I don’t like the season 2 of the walking dead.
    I prefer season 1, is more attractive and more professional.
    Isn’t it guys !

  6. Walking Dead is awesome and I can see your comparison between the seasons. Many people like season 1 better than the second because they’ve been held up at that farm for far too long. People are ready for some action!
    AIDY recently posted..TCM Spotlight: Kim NovakMy Profile

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