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The Walking Dead, Season 2 - AMC

The Walking Dead: Season 2, episode 8, ‘NEBRASKA‘ is an AMC,  critically acclaimed original series based on the popular comic book series written by Robert Kirkman. The Walking Dead series from AMC is created by three-time Oscar nominee® Frank Darabont and stars Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal, Sara Wayne Callies, Laurie Holden, Dale Horvath, Steven Yeun, IronE Singleton, Norman Reedus, and Melissa Suzanne McBride. The series is about a police officer named Rick Grimes (Lincoln) who leads a group of survivors in a world overrun by zombies. In this episode, Rick grows a pair, and Hershel realizes just how much of an  ass he has been.

Yup. Pretty Much Dead Already. 

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Scott Wilson as Hershel, The Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 9 - NEBRASKA, AMC

Welcome back to prime time AMC! Not that you have been gone but for Walking Dead fans like myself, it has been a long time coming! Last night was the premiere return of season 2, and let me tell you–shit got real! *Warning, spoilers below.*

 The show opens with Rick lowering his pistol after he shot Sophia in the last episode Pretty Much Dead Already. We get to see the aftermath of the slaughter–bodies scattered all over the yard, Hershel still in disbelief and Beth, Hershel’s daughter, runs over to the zombified corpse that used to be her mother–but it LIVES–and not for long because newly trained zombie killer Andrea grabs a nearby pickaxe and drives it straight through the skull. How’s that for a wake up call?

Of course my man Shane is pissed because he believe Hershel knew that Sophia was in the barn. “I didn’t know,” Hershel replies and also speculated that it may have been Otis who put Sophia in the barn before he died. Now, Hershel wants everyone off the farm–of course, that doesn’t sit well with Rick,or for that matter, anyone else.

Shane of course won’t let matters rest, because he knew all along, that Sophia was dead, and he had no problem telling Rick again he wasted everybody’s time looking for her. Of course my main-man Daryl was pissed–the guy took a bullet and an arrow looking for the damn girl! So Shane, +1 on standing up to Rick and Hershel–those guys were delusional!

Enough, is enough, is enough, is…zzzz

'The group buries Hershel's family,' The Walking Dead, AMC

Back at the RV Daryl and Carol, Sophia’s mother are holding a vigil. You know, enough already. We should not press beyond Carol’s lost. I mean, the woman has cried everyday in the damn show already for a girl “that everybody knew was dead.” What made matters worse, she didn’t go to Sophia’s funeral! WTF? After she had Daryl out in the woods, looking everyday for her now dead–well, un-dead daughter, the least she could have done was attend the vigil. I bet that’t the last time Daryl will go out on a ghost hunt again.

Now, Rick confides in Lori his guilt over Sophia. Going on about how much people were counting on him and all that bs. If only he’d listened to Shane from the very beginning, he wouldn’t put people through such nonsense.

Meanwhile, Shane’s prepping Otis’s old truck to haul the dead bodies and feel’s the stink eye Dale is giving him. Shane of course “reminds” Dale, really “mocks” him for being such a good guy, and being a moral authority on what all has happened and what all Dale doesn’t do–which isn’t very much of anything. Later on, when Andrea, T-Dog were piling the remaining corpses in the back of Otis’s old truck, Shane and Dale are at it again about opening the barn–which was the right thing to do–and Rick, still being a pansy for agreeing with Dale, in that Shane should have minded his business. “What’s done is done!” Lori shouted. I think this was the first time I ever agreed with her.

What more, Dale “tattles” to Lori that he believes that Shane killed Otis to get away from that zombie horde at the high-school. Now this pissed me off. He wasn’t the one out there risking his life. If he had he might have done the very same thing…Shane had done.

Can I buy you a drink?

Andrew Linclon as 'Rick Grimes,' The Walking Dead, AMC

Maggie asked Glenn if he would stay if the rest of his party were to leave but before he could answer, Beth, collapses in the kitchen! I imagine she was probably scratched or bitten by her un-dead mother flailing corpse. She has a high fever and Hershel is nowhere to be found.  On the way there, Glenn confides in Rick that Maggie told him that she loved him. Glenn–embrace the moment of happiness–you just don’t know when it will turn to shit.

Hershel is still distraught over the loss of his wife. He went upstairs to pack her belongings in boxes and retrieved an old whiskey flask from the drawer. He leaves and winds up in town in a now deserted bar. When Beth collapses, everyone goes to look for him, and when the empty flask was found, Maggie told everyone he gave up drinking when she was born. Guess they all knew where he was headed.

That’s where Rick and Glenn found him, wallowing in his misery, talking about just how much of a fool he was about the the people in the barn. That he had hoped that medicine could have cured them, as it had for Rick’s son and Daryl. So he feels like crap about all that had transpired. But just before Rick could give him a good pep talk, two guys walk into the bar.

BOOM Goes the dynamite! 

'Bullseye!' The Walking Dead, AMC

After a few exchanges back and forth about survival and safety. It got out via loose lips that there was a farm. The other guys instantly suggested that they join them there. Well, that conversation took a turn for the betterment of the group–these guys were a threat to their safety. When one of the guys, Dave, insisted that Rick show them the way to the farm, Rick suggested that Dave take himself and his group of survivors to Nebraska.

Well, when one of the two men went for his gun–the animal that was hidden within Rick EXPLODED! It was like an old western. Rick acted–putting a bullet in the head of them both. Without hesitation. That moment for him, Hershel, and Glenn brought about the true realities of survival–that there were also other nemesis out there beside the walkers. The world has changed. It was right about time that he changed right along with it.

We don’t need no water…

Andrea, T-Dog, and Shane burning bodies, The Walking Dead - AMC

Back at the farm, Andrea, T-Dog and Shane pile up the rest of the bodies and burn them. And instead of staying all cozy on the farm, Lori decides she will go out after Rick. She takes Maggie’s car and while driving, attempts to read a map at the same time. A walker shows up out of nowhere and she hits him and the car over turns,rolling into a ditch on the side of the road. Now my hope here is this–may that walker–be a crawler, and crawls over and begin gnawing at her arm. I know, mean thought. But I am pretty tired of Lori’s part in this story by now. Hopefully, she will turn into our next Sophia, except this time, no one goes out to look for her.

This was an absolutely great episode. It didn’t proceed in a hurried pace like I expected it to. It proceeded as an extension to where we left off in episode 7. But what we are beginning to see is Rick stepping up and leading once more. I think it took those guys to threaten their safety for his instincts to return. Looks like we are headed into a good return for the season.

Below is a sneak-peek at next week’s episode ‘Triggerfinger’ – Andrea critiques Shane’s methods of getting what he wants in this sneak peek from episode 9. Don’t miss the new episode on Feb 19 at 9/8c.

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The Walking Dead: Season 2: Ep. 8 'NEBRASKA'
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Review Summary:

Rick grows a pair, and Hershel realizes just how much of an ass he has been.

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9 thoughts on “The Walking Dead ‘NEBRASKA’ – Review

  1. Hi Aidy came over from “FMR”. Saw the show this week and I thought I caught a glimpse of a whole new direction that they might follow. Frankly I hope so. I am actually pretty sick of brain matter(human and Monster) being spattered everywhere. Just trying to live in this mad world could be interesting enough! There was an old BBC(1975)TV series called “Survivors”. In it 95% of the world’s population die off from a virus! The struggle to live forms the ideas for the series and was incredibly interesting! The show has a cult(thanx to DVD)following and has a big influence on a lot of post-holocaust movies and TV. BBC tried a remake a couple years ago but it died out(Ha Ha).

  2. Hello Ray!

    Sorry I am late responding, but thank you for your visit! How can you be worn out of zombies? I am silly with the whole genre actually and taking precautions just in case the nasty buggers ever show up :) Kidding! I seen 28 Days Later and was fascinated by the concept of the ‘end of humanity’ survival of the fittest films. I can agree with you that it has been done over many times–but you have to admit that it is a little bit awesome, yeah?
    AIDY recently posted..Adaptation – ReviewMy Profile

  3. 28 Days Later was great. The brits seem to go for the “what if it really happened” aspect. I still hope they find other story lines than continually blowing creatures heads off. I’ll watch and see!

  4. Hey Aidy, just checked out your blog, looks sweet. Enjoyed your critique of this most recent episode of The Walking Dead. Nice screen shot capture of Rick blasting that guy in the bar.
    I was wondering if you have read those Kirkman Graphic novels?
    3guys1movie recently posted..Star Wars the Phantom Menace 3D!My Profile

  5. I thought Nebraska was great as well. It seemed like the episode might be a launch point in taking the series into a new direction, which I hope they do.

    I liked that they were on the farm for a while, but it’s just at that point where things need to get moving a bit more again. Introducing another group of humans that might be threatening can be great as well. I’d rather see that right now than a horde of Walkers.

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