Já, Olga Hepnarová (I, OLGA HEPNAROVA) (2016)

Michalina Olszanska in Já, Olga Hepnarová (2016) OLGA HEPNAROVA COURTESY OF STRAND RELEASING

Olga Hepnarova was a young, lonely lesbian outsider from a coldhearted family who couldn’t play the part society desired of her.

I, OLGA HEPNAROVA (Já, Olga Hepnarová) (2016) is a complex character study in psychosis by writers and directors Petr Kazda and Tomás Weinreb. Based on the actual crimes of Hepnarova, who on July 10, 1973, drove a truck into a group of 25 innocent people waiting to board a tram in Prague, Czechoslovakia, killing 8. Before the incident, Hepnarova sent a letter to two newspapers explaining her actions were as a result of detestation from her family and society. Hepnarova was placed on trial and found to be sane and sentenced to death. On March 12, 1975, in the Pankrác Prison in Prague, Hepnarova was the last woman to be executed in Czechoslovakia.

Olga Hepnarova was born June 30, 1951, in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Her paranoid self-examination and inability to connect with other people eventually drove her over the edge of humanity when she was only twenty-two years old.

Opens theatrically in NYC on Friday, March 24, 2017, with a national release to follow.

Writer(s), Director(s): Petr Kazda (story), and Tomás Weinreb (screenplay).
Star(s): Michalina Olszanska, Martin Pechlát, and Klára Melísková
Country: Czech Republic | Poland | Slovakia | France
Language: Czech
Color: Black and White
Runtime: 105 min

Art and supplementary materials courtesy 2017 of Outsider Pictures and Strand Releasing. All rights are reserved.

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