Warren Buffett’s ‘Secret Millionaires Club’ – Review

The best investment kids can make is in themselves.


Warren Buffett‘s Secret Millionaires Club  is an educational animation series featuring Buffett and his young friends offering financial advice. Buffett provides his own unique voice to understanding the importance of fiscal responsibility, and how to have fun doing it. Radley (Ogie Banks), Elena (Julie Maddalena), Jones (Steve Staley) and Lisa (Stephanie Sheh) are four friends in middle school and has their own unique talents. The best part of their group is their friendly relationship to billionaire entrepreneur Warren Buffett, forming the Secret Millionaires Club; a task force designed to help business people across the globe while at the same time teaching on how to give back to their local community. Money management, effective advertising, and establishing good friendships are some of the many topics covered in the program.

This is an animated program that is recommended for children and teens interested in business careers–or interested in being more knowledgeable about finance. Each of the children characters in the animation has their own distinguishable personalities and talents, so it’s easy for kids to be able to relate to any of the four characters. Also, it is impressive how the animation studio was able to get A-list celebrities* to lend their voice to the program, and Shaq in particular was a prominent character in his scenes with Elena. The diversity of the characters is another positive attribute of Secret Millionaires Club, showing that success can be achieved regardless of ethnic or racial background. In one episode, the financial club manages to work together to offer solid advice when needed for their own personal situations, such as time management and also use their expertise to help out a busy restaurant owner to focus on bringing in more customers through promotion and interaction.

The Hub is the host channel for the Secret Millionaires Club. With the quality and quantity of valuable information contained within the animation, it would be fantastic if the show is also broadcast on a wide-reaching network such as PBS. While not the most visually captivating cartoon, Secret Millionaires Club works well with what it has in only six main episodes and five webisodes offering Warren Buffett’s proven financial advice.

Remember, the more you learn, the more you earn!


*Celebrity appearances include: Jay-Z, Shaquille O’Neal, and Nick Cannon portraying themselves and exchange mutual good ideas on how to make good personal and business decisions in everyday life.

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Warren Buffett Secret Millionaires Club
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Review Summary:

With Warren Buffet as their mentor, kids apply basic business knowledge to everyday adventures and ultimately learn that the best investment they can make is in themselves.

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