William and Catherine A Royal Romance – Review

Dan Amboyer (Prince William) and Alice St. Clair (Kate Middleton) in Lionsgate Home Entertainment's William & Catherine - A Royal Romance

An endearing romance.

William and Catherine A Royal Romance is a sweet romance that follows the beautiful love story of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The film delves into the meeting of the couple, beginning at the University of St. Andrews in 2001, to their dating years and tumultuous relations, and concluding in the proposal. The Hallmark Channel, the creators of the film, seemed to have portrayed the events of their relationship accurately for the most part–a good thing for films.

The film opens with William (Dan Amboyer) reflecting on his mother, Princess Diana’s (Lesley Harcourt) last interview. He is reminded of her sapphire ring Prince Charles (Victor Garber) gave her upon her engagement–the ring William would present to Catherine (Alice St. Claire). William & Catherine is mostly presented in flashback format through William’s perspective, starting from his college years when he became acquainted with his future wife. William’s relationship with his father and his brother Harry (Stanley Eldridge) are exhibited in the film, adding a little more character depth. As the relationship between the latest Royals takes its twists and turns, William comes to terms with the rift left behind from his mother’s death.

St. Claire and Amboyer give solid performances with good chemistry as William and Catherine; the courtship is believable and evokes feel-good emotions from the viewer. It may come across as a tad cheesy at points by following over done romantic film cliches (bumping into each other and making objects spill, being in love at first sight, etc.) but is still enjoyable. The rest of the Royal Family are shown in a favorable compassionate light and are similar to everyday families. Although Harcourt is seen briefly in her role as Diana, she radiates the poise and warmth the real princess was adored for. Bucharest, Romania was chosen as the location for filming, as William & Catherine and prepares the viewer for a fairy tale atmosphere.

A Royal romance.

Alice St. Clair (Kate Middleton) and Dan Amboyer (Prince William) star in Lionsgate Home Entertainment's William and Catherine - A Royal Romance

There are a few awkward moments in the film, such as when both Charles and Camilla sit down with the Middletons. Playing up on the differences between social classes has been used enough at this point. Eldridge’s performance as Harry could be considered as one of the best performances of the film, as he seemed to have a solid handle on recreating the real prince’s tastes for partying and being more rough around the edges than his brother William.

For the most part, it seems Hallmark did their best to present the romance between William and Catherine as accurately as one could do when working in the film industry. The hardships of being in the public eye were fairly handled, and William consulting his mother’s interview for guidance are among the best moments in the film–the audience can grasp how much his mother meant to him.

William & Catherine: A Royal Romance is worth a watch for Royal Family enthusiasts and the royal romance demographic.

William and Catherine: A Royal Romance was received as a courtesy for review. A Hallmark Channel Original Movie that captivated the world, comes to life on DVD for the first time. A fairy tale come true, William and Catherine: A Royal Romance chronicles the story of the young love shared between Prince William and Kate Middleton. A now iconic romance, their courtship resulted in a wedding celebration that was one of the most-watched television events in history.

Source: The Hallmark Channel

William and Catherine: A Royal Romance
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William and Catherine: A Royal Romance follows the beautiful love story of Prince William (Amboyer) and Kate Middleton (St. Clair). At a pivotal point in their courtship, William takes to heart the advice of his mother, the late Princess Diana (Harcourt), which she bestowed in an interview before her untimely death. The message: hold on to the love of your life, and protect it with all of your heart.

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