Writer, Director Nate Golon’s BRIEFCASE Optioned By Netflix

Nate Golon, BRIEFCASE, 2011

Here, a wonderful new development for today; Nate Golon‘s film Briefcase will be used by Netflix in future promotions worldwide! Golan informed me several days ago Netflix has licensed his film short for retail, and online endorsements for VODs (videos on demand) in a two-year contract–with Golon maintaining full control over his project and the right to develop it as a full-length feature film.

Even greater news! Briefcase has also been accepted into the Hill Country Film Festival in Fredericksburg, Texas, which is sure to be the first of many appearances in festivals to come for the project. I personally wish to congratulate Nate on this exciting new endeavor in his professional career and hope that Briefcase continue to have a broad impact as a promotional tool. Briefcase made news on over 30 film blogs just in February of this year, and I can see word about his work will continue to sweep the internet. From this, perhaps he can receive additional funding assistance to expand the Briefcase project?

In the film, Carter (Golon) finds a lone briefcase at a gas station while servicing his tire in the dead of night. Curious, he walks over and opens it to discover something that he perhaps should not have. Instead of leaving the case–he visits with a couple who realizes that he shouldn’t have the case either. Unfortunately, Carter soon realizes that no matter how hard you try to avoid it–you cannot escape your own mortality.

Nate Golon is an actor, an up-and-coming writer and producer.  He has starred in multiple shorts and television series’ and made for TV movies, including the hit show Workshop; the first independently produced comedy program to appear on Hulu. Golon co-wrote also co-produced for Workshop. 

Source: Nate Golon

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