FINAL DESTINATION Creator Jeffrey Reddick to adapt Author TY DRAGO’s THE UNDERTAKERS: Rise of the CORPSES


Jeffrey Reddick, whose FINAL DESTINATION franchise has made over a half a billion dollars worldwide will adapt Ty Drago‘s popular young adult series THE UNDERTAKERS into a film. The books, described as Spy Kids crossed with The Walking Dead centers on Will Ritter, a high school student who begins to see that some of the people around him are “Deaders,” inter-dimensional entities that take over the bodies of the dead and use them as hosts. When Will is recruited by a group of kids who are also gifted with “The Sight,” he discovers that he holds the secret to stopping this new type of terrifying invasion.

“I’ve been trying to find a project to do with Andrew for years and when I read Ty’s book I knew this was the one. It’s a unique concept with compelling characters and a fun mixture of adventure, cool sci-fi and intense horror.”

Producer/Director Andrew van den Houten of Modernciné has made a name for itself by producing dark and edgy material, including Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door and The Woman, definitely sees Drago’s The Undertakers as the start of a new teen franchise.

“With Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson‘s All Cheerleaders Die in post-production, The Undertakers is yet another potential franchise that moves our brand toward larger audiences.  Mr. Reddick is the ultimate fanboy of these types of films and his success is proven.  His vision for adapting Ty Drago’s awesomely original book series is exactly what we want to bring to the big screen.  The Undertakers gives us chance to share the horror genre with the younger under-served fans as well,” said Modernciné’s van den Houten.

Modernciné, through its domestic distribution arm Modern Distributors, will soon release the Slamdance favorite JUG FACE in theaters on August 9th. The film stars Lauren Ashley Carter, Sean Bridgers, Sean Young, Larry Fessenden and Daniel Manche.   

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