Review in Brief: After Dusk They Come

AFTER DUSK THEY COME, 2012After Dusk, They Come (The Forgotten Ones, The Tribe (2009) is suppose to be a horror film about a group of 5 friends en route to an island resort, foolishly winding up stranded. On top of that, the group must survive being hunted by cannibals.  Even the lush green jungle and the mediocre by-actress Jewel Staite could not save this film from itself.

As stated before, five friends head out to a beach resort via a luxury yacht. After too much partying, Peter (Justin Baldoni)–the self appointed captain–discovers they are stranded in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. He directs the boat towards an unknown island nearby and is shipwrecked. The island is home to ferocious cannibals who wish to nom on their newly arrived prey.

How many of these undiscovered, savage/creature/dinosaur ridden islands exist? The storyline is easily predictable, and the characters are unremarkable. You see just about all you wanted to see in the first nine minutes of film. There was even enough time to squeeze in a little bit of romance and an attempt to “get to know” the characters’ background details, which pretty much rendered the film extremely difficult to watch. The biggest problem with this film is the total lack of character development. You find yourself trying to piece together what happened, who cheated on whom and beyond that–nothing.

The Predatoresq creatures weren’t the least bit frightening except for their bad hairdos. There wasn’t much gore to creep out, and the special effects could have been much better. The movie just isn’t very good, although, the film works perfectly classified as a B-movie Friday night when there isn’t anything else better to watch on television.

After Dusk is a combination of reused ideas, a nice tropical locale, bland characters, and a mediocre soundtrack.


After Dusk They Come Special features include:

  • “Making Of” Featurette
  • Photo Gallery
  • Trailer
  • English 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio
  • Spanish Subtitles

The “making of” featurette goes behind the scenes and cast and crew members as they discuss their experiences while filming After Dusk. The photo gallery demo high quality images from the film including close-ups of the cannibal creatures.

Source Tribe Film

After Dusk They Come
  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 1 stars
  • Really Bad

Review Summary:

Get ready for the tropical thriller AFTER DUSK THEY COME where a group of friends set out on a luxury yacht for an island vacation but they soon realize that they have veered off course to a strange island.

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