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Simon Chan and Joe Rubalcaba‘s ALMOST SHARKPROOF (2013) isn’t worth watching. Annoying main characters and crappy techno music. Gross humor. Jon Lovitz is the antagonist/crime boss and is not much better than the films main two entrepreneurs.  There is nothing funny about the “Almost” plot and its uninteresting actions unfolding on screen. All this assessed within the first ten minutes of screen time. Almost Sharkproof

Vince (Cameron Van Hay) and Freddy (Michael Drayer) lives in a giant tent in Freddy’s parents backyard. They believe their idea of Sharkproof wet suits will make them filthy rich, but Freddy’s father is not convinced. They then decide to go to a local loan shark named Max (Lovitz) who runs a club in Los Angeles also turns them down. At the club, they fall in love with Isabella (Kinga Kierzek), the beautiful woman in a knife-throwing duo. She chooses to leave with both Vince and Freddy, instead of staying with dangerous Max. He sends his enforcers to bring her back.

Vince is the smartest of the two main characters and the most likable. Freddy is disgusting and lacks manners. Some of the humor in the film is quite explicit some of it even homophobic in nature which is unfunny. Isabella’s role as an object of affection presented in a disturbing and sexual manner disappoints.

Almost Sharkproof is an uninteresting comedy.

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Broke, busted and living in a tent, two guys come up with an idea to make wetsuits that can save surfers from shark bites.

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