American Horror Story: ASYLUM ‘I Am Anne Frank pt. 1’ – Review


Sex. Fit it in where you can.

American Horror Story ASYLUM (2:4) I am Anne Frank pt. 1 was one of those episodes that kinda confused me. Now as you all my know. I’ve had my suspicions about Dr. Arden (James Cromwell) all along. I mentioned in a previous review that I believed him to be this mysterious “Bloody Face” character, but it seems that he is someone more heinous–not that skinning women and chopping off their heads isn’t heinous, but the dude seems to have a brutal history of torturing women. See what he has done to poor Chloë Sevigny‘s character “Shelley.” Cut off her legs and giving her what seems to be a variety of diseases of some sort. This episode also revealed a few secrets of the residents of Briarcliff–and even introduced us to sex-specific aversion therapy and ax hacking flashbacks.

Aside from the standard lunacy that is Briarcliff, the intriguing story was Dr. Oliver Thredson’s (Zachary Quinto), and his attempts to discourage Lana’s (Sarah Paulson) desire for women. Though cruel, I have to admit that her male subject, Daniel (Casey Wyman), for deterrent was very well chosen–it was very cruel of Dr. Thredson to put Lana through the torment. Then again with Kit (Evan Peters) and getting him to think that he maybe killed his wife and a few others, not aliens. See, the thing that concerns me about Dr. Thredson’s aversion techniques, is that he is suggesting that they both “fake” their way out of the asylum because he believes them to be innocent. A sign of hope for Lana at least, but I don’t think that Kit will get off that easy…well, he did get off.

Grace (Lizzie Brocheré) is a clever little temptress. I knew all along she was after Kit as soon as he entered Briarcliff. At first, I thought that she was there as another one of Sister Jude’s (Jessica Lange) misplaced directives–aside from Kit and Lana. In another flashback, Grace claimed that she seen someone, a man named “Greg,” hacking her abusive father and neglectful stepmother to death when she was the one who committed the violent crime. I always doubted Grace’s sanity. It is always the really timid ones that are the most brutal on these types of shows. This was revealed after she and Kit were caught in a compromising position. Now they both face “sterilization mutilation” by Dr. Arden.  Yes, our dear Dr. Arden, possible former Nazi war criminal.

Newly placed Briarcliff resident “Anne Frank” (Franka Potente) has an interesting story. She claims to be the Holocaust survivor “Anne” who is very sure she remembers Dr. Arden as a Nazi war criminal. She tells Sister Jude about these strange experiments Dr. Arden performed on the women of Auschwitz rather convincingly. But in all things American Horror Story, I need a couple of “Anne” episodes to be sure she isn’t crazy. With the newly found evidence against Dr. Arden–Nazi memorabilia found in his home by a woman who claimed that Arden did terrible things to her–and detectives showing up asking questions are starting to confirm suspicions Sister Jude already has about Dr. Arden.

I am thinking Dr. Arden is this “Bloody Face” creature, and maybe all those creepy things in the woods created by him are some kind of attempts to make the perfect human being in his eyes. He already thinks that all women are whores, and Sister Mary Eunice’s (Lily Rabe) demon-induced sexual advances towards him didn’t help matters. Finally, we are going deep into Arden’s mysterious past. Who knows what we all stand to find out. I am thinking that Dr. Arden is a very dangerous man overall, and not just a “mad scientist.” Or maybe it’s also Dr. Thredson. We all know that demon Sister Eunice has something evil simmering in that now wicked head of hers. Then again, everyone admitted to Briarcliff is potentially dangerous.

Go figure.

American Horror Story, I Am Anne Frank pt 1
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Review Summary:

A new patient claiming to be Anne Frank exposes Arden’s past. Kit learns why Grace was admitted to Briarcliff.

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