American Horror Story: ASYLUM ‘Nor’easter’ – Review

AMERICAN HORROR STORY Lily Rabe as Sister Mary Eunice on "American Horror Story: Asylum." (Byron J. Cohen/FX / November 1, 2012)

What the devil’s going on around here?

American Horror Story (AHS): ASYLUM (2:3) SPOILERS! Nor’easter is filled with enough psychological terrors–this show is making me crazy. I honestly don’t know “who” I can turn to for a bit of sanity. At first I thought Sister Jude (Jessica Lange) would keep a hold on things, not it seems as if the asylum has gotten to her and now she is seeing aliens. Dr. Arden (James Cromwell) removed some kind of mechanical device from Kit’s (Evan Peters) neck, maybe they are back to either put it back in–or kill the one who is carrying it. This “Bloody Face” drama is taking on a new tale all its own–in last night’s opener–we watch as our two love birds get shot execution style by two teen punks dressed as the Bloody Face killer–only to see the real Bloody Face appear! Guy’s I am all over the place trying to figure out what’s going on in AHS that I decided to take all these disturbing events in stride–or risk losing my own mind in the chaos.

Our mad scientist Dr. Arden continues to cut on Kit’s neck believing him to be some sort of spy from the KGB–and Shelly (Choloe Sevigny) being knocked about the room. In his failed attempt to rape her with his  maybe deformed penis. I am thinking that this is why Arden thinks that all women are whores and only deserved to be tied up and beaten. He lost it after Sister Mary (Lily Rabe) came on to him. Sister Mary was the last woman on earth he thought to be pure and innocent–now he is going around smashing the statue of the virgin Mary and cutting off limbs. Damn. Poor Shelly.

Escape plan foiled!


The storm brought out the absolute worse in the residents of Briarcliff. The newly possessed Sister Mary tortures Sister Jude to the point that she starts drinking the churches holy wine and starts rambling and singing about the asylum. Now she is seeing aliens. Something the show should really let go of. Speaking of letting go, there was another botched escape attempt by Kit, Grace, and Lana. They run into the dark, stormy woods only to be chased back inside the comfort of the asylum by those creatures Dr. Arden had Sister Mary feeding. Maybe next week they will try the front door.

Finally, we get to Lana (Sara Paulson) who is near frantic in trying to get a message to unbeknownst to her, dead girlfriend. Dr. Thredson (Zachary Quinto) finds blood in their empty house, and he suspect that the maniacal killer Bloody Face is still on the loose. I have a suspicion about this so called Bloody Face killer. SPOILER ALERT! It’s Dr. Arden. He is the only paranoid woman hater on the show. Just like in last season of American Horror Story–the shocker was that the “rubber man” was Tate Langdon (played awesomely by Evan Peters), that there isn’t any reason to suspect that the woman skinner is Dr. Arden. I’d hate to say I told you so. Just remember that you read it here first. 

Overall, a brilliantly psychotic hour of television. 

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American Horror Story, Nor'easter
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On American Horror Story (2:3) A violent storm hits Briarcliff, allowing a group of patients to plan a daring escape. Sister Jude is haunted by her past.

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