American Horror Story ASYLUM ‘The Origins of Monstrosity’ – Review

American Horror Story 'The Origins of Monstrosity' Still of Lily Rabe

Born bad.

American Horror Story ASYLUM (2:6) The Origins of Monstrosity scared the sh*t outta me. Any television show that features a psychopathic kid who is a relentless, remorseless killer makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. A young girl is abandoned at Briarcliff by her mother and even though Sister Jude (Lange) at one time even requested a children’s ward to the facility, it was never granted. On top of her other problems–being relived of duty and ordered by the Monsignor Howard (Fiennes) to a more appropriate locale. It turns out that the Monsignor and Arden (Cromwell) are disastrously tied together in an unfortunate Nazi science work. Well, unbeknownst to the Monsignor anyway. How could he be so blind as to the goings on in his own institution? That changed after the Monsignor seen the results of Arden’s experiments. If poor Shelley (Sevigny) didn’t persuade him of Arden’s misdeeds, then nothing will.

So what’s this all about him trying to “save humanity” by making humans resistant to disease–by exposing them to every disease known to mankind? Never minding that they become monstrosities in the process. Since the Monsignor is up to his neck in what Arden’s been doing, he has to keep this secret. This means they both have to get rid of the one person who cause them the most trouble–Sister Jude.

The most disturbing revelation in this episode was Dr. Thredson’s (Quinto) mommy issues. Thredson rescued Lana (Paulson) just so she can take the place of his absent mother. That baby needs colostrum line bout had me gagging! Seriously, how can we get beyond this bloody face business, when perhaps the most brutal killer on the show needs his mommy. Thredson’s mother abandoned him when she was 33. He went from one institution to another without experiencing the warming comfort only a mother’s arms can bring. Which is why he believes it is a good idea to keep Lana handy for those warm Momma hugs and kisses. Oedipal complex much? 

Demon Sister Mary Eunice (Rabe) is all over the place. It doesn’t help matters that Eunice is babysitting the abandoned little girl–Damien’s sister–and encouraging her behavior. In addition to  intercepting a phone call from Sister Jude’s Nazi investigator disclosing that Arden is indeed a criminal–then goes over to the hotel and murders the investigator, takes all of the collected evidence against Arden–to form some kind of sick alliance.

This episode had its moments. I am in awe of what all we learned so far especially where Bloody Face is concerned. I am ready for the show to move on now. I especially didn’t like the flashbacks to the modern day investigations of the two impostor Bloody Face teens and Leo (Adam Levine). I thought the revisiting of the modern day investigation was done. Now it seems that they are now looking for Leo’s wife–who is still missing somewhere in the old institution. It feels like the show is trying to finalize itself and this was more of a fluff episode than anything. Well, at least we were able to see Kit (Peters) call Thredson from prison and caused Thredson to go into a hissy fit. That mock breast feeding was a bit much.

Other than that–let’s get on with it then.

Got milk?

American Horror Story, The Origins of Monstrosity
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Review Summary:

A mysterious little girl is abandoned at Briarcliff. The Monsignor makes a Faustian pact with Dr. Arden. The origin of Bloody Face is revealed.

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