APACHE by DANGER BEACH (2011) – Review


An excitingly brilliant combination of visuals.

Imagine being out horseback riding, what would be the first song you would want to hear? Don’t know yet? Well, I have the song just for you– Apache by Danger Beach. This animated music video illustrated and animated by Ned Wenlock, who was inspired by the song.  In the video, you see a steady ‘go round’ of visuals of an animated Apache Indian, playing a guitar, traveling the world — like the world, constant unfolding, weaving a story in a musical go round. Then, he is joined by a buffalo on a canoe and a Yeti in the mountains. What you begin to notice here is the world changing. The method for travel continually changes as the world progress.  Walking, canoeing, train riding, car-riding, then subway-ing.

What I enjoyed about his music video was not only the animation, but the eclectic music mix and contemporary sound itself–which was like “listening” to a story unfold. An excitingly brilliant combination of visuals–this animation has it all. But what we can learn from this is the loss of the natural world. Swallowed up, whole, as progression into a more innovative world that eventually leaves our little Apache, strumming a guitar solo, untill the light goes out.

Enjoy “Apache” by Danger Beach on Dream Damage Records.


Directed by Ned Wenlock
Character Animation: Rodney Selby
Music by Danger Beach on Dream Damage Records

Image Credit:  Ned Wenlock

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Imagine having the opportunity to go horseback riding, this would be the first song you would want to hear.

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