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In order to change the world, one has only to change their mind.

Keith Wyatt, Awakening As One 2012.  2012; a prophetic year of potential. The ancient people of this planet spoke of the year 2012 for millenia; most notable, the Mayans and the Mayan calender. Much of what has been theorized about the Mayan calendar says the world would be destroyed. However, recent news revealed that the world would not be destroyed but in fact be reborn. In Wyatt’s latest full-length feature, Awakening as One – 2012 The Return to One, details what people should expect during this prophetic year and beyond, based on the teachings of many cultures of Earth. Information that should be more popular instead of the majorly popular and destructive forces depicted in many big budgeted Hollywood movies.  

The Return to One is one feature in a series of five about the present state of humanity. Unlike The Quickening (2011), The Return is positive and uplifting. Serenely narrated, the film presents as an easily understandable guide into the science and speculation behind the prophecies of 2012; including how to “shift individual focus” towards a more beneficial timeline; choose love and acceptance over fear and hostility.

The Return to One further explains how existing and shifting to a different timeline is possible by shifting conscious thoughts and remaining centered during this time of great change. Empowerment is a crucial aspect to this shift, and claiming this empowerment for one’s self will allow great peace to take over. We all have the power to shift this reality and steer ourselves as well as the collective of humanity into a wonderful new way of life.

The footage uses a combination of clips from various movies such as Constantine, The Tree of Life, and The Fountain to guide the viewer through the narration and information with pleasing visual aids as to the possibilities of 2012. While some of the footage is reused throughout the video and the series, the message is the essential item to grasp. The music accompanying the video fits the theme and doesn’t overwhelm; it helps the viewer to relax the mind in order to help with processing the lecture. Thankfully, no “fearful” music is featured in the soundtrack.

Overall an interesting film.

The only thing that separates us from our oneness with everything–is the belief that we are separate.

Source: Awakening as One

Awakening As One 2012: The Return to One
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Review Summary:

“2012 The Return to One” explores how a series of prophesied events (including the mysterious Three Days of Darkness”, could assist in humanity’s return to the long-foretold experience of ‘heaven on Earth’, by the end of this year, 2012.

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