AWOLNATION ‘Not Your Fault’ (2011) – Review

AWOLNATIONAWOLNATION – It is no secret that I’m an admirer of independent projects. So when I came across the music video for AWOLNATION‘s (AWOL) hit single “Not your fault” from their Megalithic Symphony debut album, I had to write about it’s extremely appealing “Not Your Fault” video story-line: animated versions of the band members. Not an original concept for a music video–but it is original the way the band markets their music.

AWOLNATION is an indie rock band; an electronic rock band signed to Red Bull Records, an indie record label in 2010. The single Not Your Fault offers viewers a funny love story–where the damsel is repeatedly rescued by a selfless hero. The video believes it or not, a love story that is mildly graphic and hilarious. What’s awesome–the band has a video game based on the song and video. You can play the game via a Facebook app, or by going to the Megalithic Mayhemgame online.

Transmedia Trending?

The game offers three modes of gameplay. You start by selecting your player. If you choose to battle with “Aaron” the lead singer who has the power of vocals and lightning; or as “Dave” who wields a bat with the power of bass–well, his mustache boomerangs across the screen laying all enemies flat. If you score well in the game as “Aaron” or “Dave,” gamers will obtain codes to unlock the other members of the band. Battle machete-wielding snowmen in the “Arctic,” creatures from the black lagoon on the “beach”–sharks on the docks, and aliens and their spaceships in the “Moon” level. AWOL has mastered transmedia marketing and the emerging entertainment media market.

What I like about their latest video, is the combination animated film techniques: what you see is a combination of 2D cutouts and stop-motion animation. If the animated people, objects look familiar, it is because it was produced by Faktion’s director Cameron Duddy and talented animators are behind the “Robot Chicken” claymation projects. The video is extremely creative as it is entertaining, and was shot in stereoscopic 3D:

The Faktion is a company of 3D creative and executive professionals experienced in stereoscopic 3D content production, post-production, marketing, and distribution.

AWOLNATION is a media success story. It is only a matter of time that their influence will rub off on the rest of the industry as transmedia becomes a critical part of artist promotion, story-telling technologies.

 Enjoy ‘Not Your Fault’ by AWOLNATION

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AWOLNATION video review 'It's Not Your Fault' from their "Megalithic Symphony" album.

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