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Ted Koland‘s BEST MAN DOWN (2013) is intended to be a comedy. However, it is a combination road trip/romantic/drama slash comedy film that has a little something in it for everyone. Though not consistent in themes, “Best Man” is a decent enough film to evoke a few heartfelt emotional  moments that may last for only a “moment.” We do not know enough about the “best man” or Lumpy (Tyler Labine) to link the significance of his relationship to his “best friend” Scott (Justin Long). Instead, we learn a lot more about Lumpy’s back-story through Ramsey, (Addison Timlin) a 15-year-old girl  who lives with mother and her drug-addled boyfriend. BEST MAN DOWN

At the wedding of Scott and Kristin (Jess Weixler), Lumpy, drinks too much and becomes more of a burden than the best man to Scott, his new bride and all the guests who attend the wedding. Eventually, Scott quickly steps in to escort Lumpy back to his hotel room, where Lumpy falls off his bed and hits his head while jumping around and flailing his arms to a heavy-metal video. However, the fall did not kill him. He comes to and wanders off into the desert and falls dead on a cactus. Instead of heading off on their honeymoon, Scott and Kristin now have to plan for a funeral.

It is when Kristin scrolls through Lumpy’s phone that find out about Ramsey, the person who seems to be the most upset about the death of Lumpy. Here is when the tale flashbacks to how Lumpy and Ramsey meet and begins a friendship. It is also when Lumpy discloses to Ramsey about a rare heart condition that will eventually kill him within the next couple of years. Fast forward into the story and we find out that Lumpy quits school, got fired from bar tending due to stealing from the registrar. Scott become a tad envious that a 15-year-old knew more about his dead best friend than he did.

Unfortunately, there just is not enough to go by with the tale or origins about Lumpy for viewers to even care about his death.

Sadly, the statement above is more sentimental than the entire film.


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When the best man at a wedding unexpectedly dies, his best friend cancels his honeymoon to arrange his funeral.

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