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Takeshi Kitano‘s BEYOND OUTRAGE (2013) the sequel to the successful film OUTRAGE: THE WAY OF THE YAKUZA (2010). Tensions between clans escalate. Increased manipulation from the local police and Kitano’s war has just begun. Japanese mobsters, though brutal in action, there is an indescribable beauty that balances it all. film. Sleek luxury cars, impeccable suits and the traditional uniforms of the high-ranking older guard model the lifestyle. Not only that, the brilliant acting performances are quintessential of Kitano’s films.BEYOND OUTRAGE 2014

A police crackdown against all of the Yakuza factions in Japan is imminent. Detective Kataoka (Fumiyo Kohinata) has had a hand in manipulating the families into distrusting one another. Kato (Tomokazu Miura), the new leader of the Sanno-kai, is feared to have become too influential after a high government official has been found dead in the harbor. The ultimate goal is to have an all-out war take place surrounding Otomo (Kitano), leader of the now defunct gang rumored to be extinct. Otomo does not have any plans to continue with his former life of crime, but he cannot help but to be persuaded with Kataoka’s desire for revenge.

There’s a great amount of tension and suspense builds up before anything happens. This allows the viewing audience to become familiar with the families and their relationships–or intents–with each other. The presentation is sleek and rich, pleasing to the eye, and sets the cast to look like true underground professionals. The authentic criminalists atmosphere is threatening but often humorous at times. Perhaps this is Kitano’s way to take some of the edges off in some of the scenes. There are a few “creative” methods to teach a rival gang member a lesson or two–a power drill to the head, and a baseball dispensing machine to deliver perfect home runs to the skull.

BEYOND OUTRAGE (2013) is delicious gangster cinema.

Highly Recommended.

BEYOND OUTRAGE (2013) Special Features Include:

•  Making of: Outrage “Further” Beyond

The “making of” featurette is 62 minutes in length and delves extensively into the plot of the film, shooting on location, and cast. Their thoughts on what it was like to play Yakuza and the manipulative police. Go behind the scenes with Kitano while he directs instructions to everyone on the shoot and how they should behave. He also gives his thoughts on working with certain actors on set and even their opinions on what it was like to work with him. Worth every moment of viewing pleasure.

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Takeshi Kitano's BEYOND OUTRAGE (2013) the sequel to the successful film OUTRAGE: THE WAY OF THE YAKUZA(2010).

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