DVD Review: Bible Stories From the New Testament

History Channel‘s BIBLE STORIES FROM THE NEW TESTAMENTBible Stories From the New Testament is part two in the series of tales of the bible. This 3-disc set continues with The New Testament, beginning with the birth of Jesus and includes specials depicting his life, family, followers and enemies, culminating in his death and the birth of Christianity. The story begins with Lost Worlds: Herod the Great. Herod wasn’t from Jewish royalty and history depicts him as a brutal dictator. Willing to kill members of his own family, and even attempted murder of the infant Christ. However, Herod left a legacy made in stone were feats of engineering in old Jerusalem. Herod brought to Judaea Roman architecture. Mysteries of the Bible – Mary of Nazareth is the story of the Virgin Mary, throughout the ages, her story may reveal more intriguing that the ancient traditions would suggest. Mary would raise the son who would change the world.

The collection features an impressive array of stories and events that shaped biblical history. I found the most intriguing to be the series episode Time Machine-Joseph: The Silent Saint. This episode provides detailed background information on Jesus’ father, Joseph. From his time as a youth and developing his trade as a carpenter–to the specific moments where through an arranged marriage, met Mary of Nazareth. The tale delves even further into the young life of Jesus and the possible relationship between him, his earthly father, and mother. Fascinating information, perhaps much of it unheard of.

Bible Stories From the New Testament features, detailed history specials is formatted in full screen presentation 4×3 full screen (1:33:1). DVD audio presents in a clear and crisp 2.0 Dolby Digital surround sound with English subtitles: Disc 1: Lost Worlds – Herod the Great, Mysteries of the Bible – Mary of Nazareth, Time Machine – Joseph: The Silent Saint. Disc 2: Biography® Jesus: His Life, Biography® Mary Magdalene, Biography® Mary Magdalene, Biography® Peter. Disc 3: Biography® Pontius Pilate, Mysteries of the Bible – Judas, Mysteries of the Bible – Paul the Apostle. The DVD collection includes a total of 9 extremely detailed history specials, a total of over 7 hours of informative content.

Overall, this in-depth series of HISTORY® specials focuses on the New Testament and begins with the story of the dictator Harod the Great and includes specials about Jesus’ life and death and the birth of Christianity. An evocative collection that come highly recommended and released just in time for the History Channel® new series The Bible.

Image source and synopsis courtesy of The History Channel and Lionsgate Home Entertainment. All rights reserved. The Incredulity of St. Thomas (oil on canvas) by West, Benjamin (1738-1820) © Leeds Museums and Galleries (City Art Gallery) U.K./ The Bridgeman Art Library Nationality 

Bible Stories From the New Testament
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The New Testament heralds the birth of Jesus Christ in His Live, Mary Magdalene and Peter.

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