BLACK ROCK (2013) – Review

Not every island is a paradise.


Abby (Katie Aselton), Lou (Lake Bell) and Sarah (Kate Bosworth) grown distant over the years, get together to rekindle their friendship for the first time on a beautiful remote island “Black Rock.” The tension between Abby and Lou is immediately obvious. At one time or another, Lou slept with Abby’s fiance. Abby has never forgiven her for it. Sarah (Bosworth) attempts to get the two to reconcile and put the past behind them but is unsuccessful. After the shouting match, they encounter three men Derek (Jay Paulson), Alex (Anslem Richardson) and Henry (Will Bouvier) who are also on the island, and who are experiencing an unsuccessful hunting trip.BLACK ROCK

It turns out that Lou recognizes one of the hunters, Henry (Bouvier) who went to the same school at one time. Things are going pretty well with everyone sitting around the campfire discussing old school days. Typical high-school milestones when the conversation take an intense turn. The three men were dishonorably discharged from the Iraq war for breaking military code. The madness of war transformed them into renegade killers. The revelation made for an awkward silence. It was a hint to the three women to pack up and leave. They do not.

Lou, who seemed to be overly familiar with Henry. So much so she leads him into the woods, and the two begin to make out. Things start to get pretty heated until Lou decides to put the breaks on the romance end of it and told Henry she has had enough fun. However, Henry was not listening, and he soon found himself with a rock upside the head. Not wanting to reveal too many spoilers, let’s just say that the film goes downhill from there.

BLACK ROCK is an unexpectedly intense horror-thriller that pit beauty against brawn. It is an assortment of events that some viewers may or may not like–once you get through the languorous opening sequence and the first act. It has its brutal and suspenseful chase moments, but then it again lingers, is effortless and boorish. It is an attempt at creating a new suspense appeal, however, run out of original ideas half way through the film. Black Rock fills up most of its screen time with extended dialogue, a couple of naked chicks huddling together to keep warm, and characters firing hunting rifles with poor aim. It is not any wonder that the hunters did not win any game on this trip. It is hard to get into a film that is an intriguing thriller with a well intended premise, but just not enough good material to carry a feature length film.

It’ll do.

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Black Rock
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Three women get together to rekindle their childhood memories on a private island encounter three men there to hunt. Things go downhill from there.

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