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Kate and Leopold, a romantic comedy/fantasy from the year 2001, has been re-released as a Blu-ray DVD on April 10, 2012. The film stars Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman as two people from different centuries who fall in love. It has been nominated for “Best Song” for Until, composed and performed by Sting, several times–though won a Golden Globe in 2002–at the 2002 Oscars®; the 2002 Critics Choice Awards; and for the World Soundtrack Award. Hugh Jackman was nominated for a Golden Globe® in 2002 for “Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture–Comedy or Musical”.

The movie opens in 1876 with Jackman as Leopold Alexis Elijah Walker Thomas Gareth Mountbatten, Duke of Albany (ridiculously long name, I know) caught in a verbal quarrel with his Uncle Millard. Apparently his uncle is pressuring him to marry a wealthy American, as the family coffers have been empty for quite some time.  Via a time rift, amateur physicist Stuart Besser (Liev Schreiber) (who is connected to Leopold as being a possible descendant in the deleted scenes) arrives and begins to photograph his surroundings. The Duke recalls seeing Stuart before during John August Roebling’s speech concerning the design of the Brooklyn Bridge and sees the man getting ready to, in his eyes, attempt suicide by jumping off of a ledge. In actuality, he was re-entering the portal he used to head to 1876 and together they head into the 21st century.

Stuart tells Leopold of his discovery and how he must wait a week from now until the rift opens to return home. He then takes his dog for a walk, but falls into an elevator shaft. Why? It seems Leopold’s trip has caused all the elevators to malfunction. How? I can’t tell you. Stuart is then institutionalized for voicing his discovery to the world and Leopold is left alone with Kate McKay, Stuart’s ex-girlfriend.

Meg Ryan, Hugh Jackman, Kate and Leopold, 2001

He finds Kate interesting because of her occupation as a market researcher and her independent attitude. In typical fashion of this genre of film, at first she brushes him off. Not all hope is loss for Leopold to find a friend; due to his mannerisms, Leopold is mistaken for an actor by Kate’s brother, Charlie (Breckin Meyer), who sees him as an ally as he is a thespian.

And soon, Kate and Leopold fall in love. She uses him in a commercial for diet margarine and, not surprisingly, he hates it. He questions why she would promote an unsatisfactory product. She states it is something she has to, even though she doesn’t like it. Leopold then lectures her about the virtue of integrity, however is soon interrupted by Kate, who feels since he has not worked a day in his life, he cannot understand her position. A rift emerges in their relationship.

In a turn of events, Stuart manages escape from the mental hospital and sends Leopold back to his time. Kate, before receiving a promotion at a company banquet, he and Charlie arrive to show her in 1876 via pictures on his digital camera. He says something along the lines that it is her fate to head to the 19th century to marry Leopold. They rush to the Brooklyn Bridge portal before it closes at midnight, and upon seeing her, Leopold announces Kate as his bride.

Chivalry makes a comeback.

The Blu-ray premiere review of Kate and Leopold: Director’s Cut, a courtesy of Lionsgate/Miramax,  is shown in great clarity on a HD television (1080P High Definition 16 x 9 Widescreen; 1:85:1) with overall impressive sound quality (5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio).  The Blu-ray premiere includes audio commentary with Mangold, deleted scenes with commentary, a behind-the-scenes featurette, a costume featurette and an impressive photo gallery. The extras include:

  • Audio commentary with Director James Mangold
  • “On the Set” featurette
  • Deleted scenes with optional commentary from James Mangold
  • Photo gallery
  • Costume featurette

Source: Lionsgate/Miramax 

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Kate and Leopold - Kate, a woman in the 21st Century meets and falls in love with Leopold, a man from the 1870's.

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