AMBROSIA Eco-Fantasy Graphic NovelDarylle Mak‘s AMBROSIA is an eco-fantasy adventure series about a fictional sixteen year old heroine, Amber Emerys, who lives on an island hidden in the Northern sea. She is young, ambitious and want to explore the lands beyond Tir Na Draoichta or the Magical Isle. Amber embarks on a quest after fleeing her home in pursuit of her own independence as she soon discovers her magical powers inherited from her mother. Ambrosia is a good graphic novel–although short. However, you can become immersed in the engaging art style as each panel is specific to each unique event surrounding the eco-friendly hero.

Amber has just turned sixteen and graduated from school. While planning to celebrate her birthday, her friend Mary gives her a bag made by her mother many years ago, filled with treasures and postcards addressed to Amber. She discovers her mother is still alive and decides to follow in her footsteps and see the world while searching for her. However, her father has very different plans and want Amber to marry Bran Bloom, the egotistical son of a banker. Luckily, Amber refuses his hand in marriage and flees the island.

Ambrosia is an artistic 40-pages long with amazing concept artwork featured on the latter pages. The tale quickly establishes Amber as a young lady of great magic and mystery. I would have liked for more background development into the heroine and the relationship with her father. More so, a bit more revealing about who her mother is. Though, to be fair, Amber is an extremely likable protagonist.

Mak’s graphic novel uses a magically inventive spin on the coming of age tale. The chronological setting of the novel makes it a little difficult to follow–it is hard to determine what specific time period in which the story occurs. It starts out as a medieval tale then transcends to a modern world adventure with mystical motorbikes and robots. There are more than a few grammatical descriptions and errors that aren’t easily translatable, however, Ambrosia is an intriguing perspective into a fantastical genre.

Artwork and supplementary materials courtesy of © 2013 Ambroisa Graphic Novel and Greenwomb Prodictions. All rights reserved.

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AMBROSIA is an Eco Fantasy adventure introducing Amber, a fun loving, sixteen–year-old hero. She has lived her whole life on a hidden lost-to-time isle in the Northern Sea.

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