Book Review: Go the Fu*k to Sleep by Adam Mansbach

Go the Fuck to Sleep by Adam Mansbach

Adam Mansbach Go the Fu*k to Sleep is a children’s book I had to read it to believe it! An author brave enough to say what many parents may have said at one time or another, or has most certainly been on their mind to say—out of frustration has arrived. From my own personal experiences growing up, these very words have crossed my parent’s lips a few times; therefore, I was not offended by the book’s tone. In fact, I think the book is absolute genius.

You may be wondering, what is it about this book that makes it an intriguing read, but not consider it a bedtime read for children? I think that much of it will depend on perspective. [easyazon-link asin=”1617750255″ locale=”us”]Go the F**k to Sleep[/easyazon-link] should be reviewed, based on the reviewer’s experience, and not by the general census view of the book. I, myself, think that Mansbach’s book is the most true-to-life children’s book I have ever read.

Honestly, I am sick of fairy-tales filling childhood dreams about the way the world should be. Growing up, I envisioned my world filled with gingerbread and candy houses–where Princes traveled on white horses, and my ticket home was only a matter of three heel clicks away. Imagine my disappointment when I grew up to find that my gingerbread house is worth less than I had paid for it, my Prince–an incessant womanizer who drives a Mitsubishi, and my shoes heel-clicks did not resolve any of my problems however many times I tried.

I know it is shocking for some readers to “hear” or “see” certain words–especially the “F” word. When I was growing up, and it was that time of night we got either one or the other – go the fuck to sleep or the “pop” on the behind–and that certainly meant going to bed without our favorite teddy bear and without a glass of water.

Some nights when we were really lucky…we got them both.

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Go the Fu*k to Sleep
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Adam Mansbach's 'Go the FUCK to Sleep.' Truly a fairy tale for adults.

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