Catherine Corsini’s THREE WORLDS – Review

Serious drama with BIG themes that, unfortunately, falls short.


One unfortunate mishap follows another in Catherine Corsini‘s Three Worlds, a French drama about a hit and run accident leading to a chain of mistrust, misunderstanding and death. Morality is the movie’s extremely heavy premise, and regardless of its situational complexity, or perhaps your own moral standing, Three Worlds is one painful film to watch.THREE WORLDS Director Catherine Corsini

Al (Raphäel Personnaz) has just been made partner at the car dealership where he works, and in 10-days he will marry his boss’ daughter, Marion (Adèle Haenel). So he and his friends are out celebrating the news in the company car–by taking a drunken joy ride. While briefly distracted, Al hits a person crossing the street. After realizing the severity of the situation, they decide not to help the injured person–nor do they report the incident anonymously. They left the scene of the accident. However, the accident did not go unnoticed. Juliette (Clotilde Hesme) witnessed the accident from her balcony and immediately went downstairs to help. She later learns that the man injured in the accident was a Moldovan construction worker–working in France illegally.

Juliette eventually meets Vera, the wife of the construction worker  and she too works illegally in France–and is in a financial bind; Juliette is pregnant with her college philosophy instructor, Frédéric (Laurent Capelluto), and this is where the film loses its succinctness–Juliette has an impulsive tryst with Al. As if matters were not more complicated enough,Vera incorporates the help of her husband’s friends to find his killer, only later to find out that her “friend” Juliette knew of his whereabouts all along.

Overall, Corsini’s Three Worlds only builds trace suspense. There isn’t an opportunity to admire or feel for these characters in their obviously emotional predicament. Juliette became nothing more than an annoying arbitrator, not doing either side of the tragedy any good. I wanted to care about the people in this film. I wanted to understand their anger and their passions. I did not.

Which is really disappointing considering the life-altering experiences each of the three main characters endured.

Such a pity.

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Three Worlds
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This is the tale of a hit and run accident that results in the death of an illegal foreigner.

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