Cedric Babouche ‘Imago’ – Review

IMAGO, Antoine, Cédric Babouche - 2005

In a dream…

Cedric Babouche’s IMAGO is a beautifully emotional film about a small boy who grieves the death of his father through a dream. This sentimental short-film features young Antoine engaging in a dream sequence with him preparing himself to fly along with his father through the air in his imaginary plane when suddenly, a storm approaches and the visualization of his father and his plane fades away into the brutal sky. From his tree on a hill, the young boy visualizes the death of his father, thereby metaphorically dealing with his loss.

The animation proceeds as the young Antoine ages; as a pupil in school, to a young man going to work and meeting the love of his life, then his marriage and finally the birth of his own young son. Now as a grandfather, Antoine brings him to the place where the tree once stood, and he sat to think about his father, and took the small plane he played with as a child and tossed it into the wind. An ending to a memory–a final homage to his father.

I fly away with my father.

Antoine and his father. IMAGO, Cédric Babouche, 2005

The animation, drawn and overlaid in a series of watercolor backdrops that feature soft, rose color tones, leads to the serenity impression of the the short. The colors are warm, and the scenes where the coastlines meet the sky and even the storm sequences are an engagement of emotions as you are enveloped within young Antoine’s grieving process. Imago takes viewers through a series of pivotal, emotional stages of life. The music by Thierry Malet is what you hear during the film, and it serves as a fantastic complement to the emotive moments during the animation.

In a way, the film reminds us that the ones we once loved and have since passed away are still with us–guiding us to the very end. Just as there is a time to grieve in memory, there is also a time for life and celebration.

The original version of Babouche’s film can be seen on MUBI. Below is a fan scored version of the film. Enjoy.

Source: MUBI, Cédric Babouche

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Antoine, 8 years old, has lost his father in a plane crash. Unable to accept his death, he finally starts living again and accept his loss through a metaphorical dream. And thus, he’s able to grieve. –uniFrance

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