He lied.


McClure’s CHILDREN OF SORROW (2014) is an eerie found footage film that depicts the manipulative practice of a cult leader. The acting in “Children” pretty convincing, yet prepare for shoddy cinematics. It may be that the “shaky camera” effects add to the strangeness surrounding the cult leader and the sudden eruption of blood. Now is this a good thing? It depends if watching a stark raving lunatic corrupt and bleed the life from impressionable teen minds is your cup of tea. Ellen (Hannah Levien) flies south of the Mexican border in order to find her sister. Her search leads her to a mysterious cult led by an enigmatic Father Simon Leach (Bill Oberst Jr.) who thrives on despair and misfortune. This guys find broken teens, shower them with love and much needed attention. Too bad that Father Simon is a twisted and sadistic maniac or things would have gone much better for him. Needless to say, Ellen get all wrap up in the crazy goings on that she discovers something not too pleasant about herself.


The “found footage” genre is notorious for producing less than perfect films that feature extremely annoying, one-dimensional characters. However, Oberst’s performance is undoubtedly the best in the film–he is very convincing as a cult leader. His equally creepy assistant Mary (Whitney Nielsen) is the recorder of events and helps keep an eye on the indoctrinated. The other actresses and actors in the film did well portraying lost, and misguided souls. Unfortunately for them, divulging their hardships and regurgitating their life stories only made it easier for  the cultist to manipulate them.

To include, do not expect the cinematography in this to be of high-end value. The developments in the plot occur at a snails pace intentionally. This allows for audiences to become acquainted with the characters and perhaps even pity them when they fall under the spell of the twisted cult leader. A lot happens in this film up and until its gory conclusion.

Children of Sorrow (2014) is a freakishly wicked and unpleasant film to sit through, and that is both good, and bad.

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Simon Leach is a very sick man. Belongingness can be a terrifying subject.

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